Dec 24, 2008

The Wedding Abaya after 6 Years

I just love my wedding abaya that I personally design. I still wear it to some special functions.

What do you think about it?


The Green one is the outer layer while the lighter green one is the inside layer.



Nice pattern hah?

A lot of thanks to my dressmaker, Kak Yah

A close up.
Machine embroidery from my drawn pattern.

A close up of the embroidery.


I can still fit in to this abaya. Yay! That means I'm still slim.


Hajar said...

Assalamualaikum wahai saudara senegara :)

Blog hopped from Ange's blog. Masha'Allah, you look gorgeous! Neat blog. As someone that spots only baju kurung for work, I reckon your site will give me some fresh new ideas. ^^ The stuff that I currently have isn't that suitable as office wear.

Take care & W'salam,

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Hajar.
Thanks and all the praises are for Allah.
Well, baju kurung is our all time fav and I do wear them under the jubah or abaya.
If you find any of my ideas that's good for you, you should try it. Who knows you'll be a new person with more confidence and still well covered. Good Luck Hajar!
Do come again.

Megan said...

Your wedding abaya is beautiful, you did a very good job! Nice that you can wear it again, too.
Salaam alaikum.

kakchik said...

Thanks Megan. Alhamdulillah... after all this years (6+) my size has not increase at all just a little bit fat here and there.
Thanks for stopping by.

Hajar said...

Insya'Allah. ^^ It does feel a bit odd to be the only one wearing baju kurung. But hey, that's what I'm comfortable in. :)

kakchik said...

You are right Hajar. As long as we feel comfortable in it, who cares. Because baju kurung can still be elegant in any occasion. We just need to choose the suitable material and design.

NiDa said...

Beautiful Abaya sis - I want something like this for my wedding inshaAllah :) It's very functional - can wear it afta wedding too so its awsome :D

kakchik said...

Thanks sis. I was thinking of the practicality of the dress after the wedding, that's why I make it like that. If you'd like to copy, go ahead.

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