Jan 4, 2009

A Friend's Story of Her Journey to Islam

"Ya Allah, what shall I do now that I can't have access to Islamic books?"
I was forced to stay in my family home after my divorce. No house, no car, not much money. All that's left is my freedom. And along with it, a great hope that in two months' time, I'd finally be able to embrace Islam officially as my religion.
In the meanwhile, I had to keep my plan a secret from my family.
One word out, and all hell will break lose. I'd face more obstacles in my quest to be a Muslim if my family were to find out about my plan.

Staying at Mum's meant not being able to learn more about Islam.
I couldn't read Islamic books openly.
I couldn't watch Islamic programmes on tv.
I couldn't just walk into a Islamic religious department with Mum and Brother following behind.
Mum is always at home with me.
I needed sustenance.
I prayed long and hard for a solution.
Alhamdulillah, the answer was just a click away.


This is the story of Aliya from Musings of a Mualaf. You can find her link in My Acquaintances list at the sidebar.

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