Jan 18, 2009

Hijab - No Pins Needed

Assalamualaikum and a very good evening to everyone.

I was seriously thinking of several request from sisters about where to get a hijab that needs no brooch/pin, is aurat compliant but quite trendy and also with reasonable price. I know... sometimes I wish I can just wear my hijab and the niqab without the use of any pins. Yes, I do know how to do that b
ut it's a bit difficult for me to demonstrate it. (Maryam - you still have to be patient because I haven't be able to fulfill your request yet.)

Alright. Let's get back to the topic that I've given above.

There are so many kind of hijab that doesn't require the use of a pin or brooch but not many of them are aurat compliant. What I mean here is that, the hijab covers your hair and neck but it does not covers your chest. It's usually short in the front but long at the back. What I'm looking for is the one that is reasonably long for both sides. Well... where can I find it?

I'll do 2 things:
1) browse through the clothing online businesses and

2) looking around Kota Bharu for hijab shops (this one will be on my iteneraries for the coming Friday)

As for today, I'm going to help Sasha and farah finding this kind of hijab through my network of online businessfriends. Let's see what I found.


Price: RM43.00

And this is what the Retailer's said:
Features: 1) Don't have to bother yourself with pins / kerongsang (you choose....) 2) Very fashionable & yet covers your aurat. 3) All the tudungs are priced at RM 43.00 - inclusive postage fee (PosLaju)


(Image is only an example)

Price: RM25.00
Seller: Muslimah Wear

And this is some info about the hijab:
  • kinda latest fashion
  • made from comfortable cotton fabric
  • washable by machine but handwash is better
  • no need to iron regularly
  • free inner cap (this hijab set is a 2-piece set, hijab & inner cap)
  • d0n't need any br0och or pin..not even ONE.
  • very practical especially for travelling or sports activities and of course to any other events
  • it's quite thick but comfortable... really g0od


(Image is an example of Tudung Syahida)

Price: RM21 - RM46 (according to size & pattern)
Seller: Produksi Ana Muslimah

I believe this choice is really good and is aurat compliant.
Just click on the Seller's name and you'll be brought to the hijab's page.


Price: RM (I've just asked the retailer and still waiting for her answer)
Seller: Stance of Muslimah

I think this is a special collection in conjuction with the current situation in Gaza.
You can see that the hijab is big and really aurat compliant and this is the pashmina kind of hijab that has been customized with awning.


Price: RM39.00 ( + RM5 postage)
Seller: Muslimah Collections

According to the Seller, you don't need any pins for this hijab. This one is quite stylish, maybe suitable for wearing it to dinner.
This is what is said about this type of hijab in the weblog (in Malay):
Keterangan : Tudung arini manik belah depan.
Bermanik di bahagian kepala dan salah satu sisi depan.
Material : Quality Spandex ( halus, lembut dan nyaman)
Ukuran : Labuh menutupi paras dada.
- Panjang dari kepala ke hujung depan : 31"
- Panjang dari kepala ke hujung belakang : 33"

So, I hope Sasha and farah will be satisfied with this suggestions. If anyone else is also looking for this kind of hijab @ tudung, please give the Sellers a visit and make your purchase. As a fellow Muslim I'm just trying my best to help anyone who wants to dress modestly according to the teaching of the Qur'an. And also to help fellow businessladies out there. Hopefully we are doing this business because of Allah.


Sasha said...

Thank you sooo much for the info n research u've done... really appreciate it... suka tgk tudung2 tu... utk budak2 pun cantik2... harga2nya pun berpatutan...

p/s: sukanya tgk hijab+niqab ayat2 cinta from Produksi Ana Muslimah... kakchik tak berkenan ke...

kakchik said...

You are welcome Sha. Memang sesuai untuk semua usia kan.

Ooo... set yang tu ya, KakChik suka tengok je, nak pakai tu rasa macam glamor sangat, Kakchik ni jenis yang simple-mimple gitu. Selalu jahit sendiri je hijab + niqab ni. Yang dah siap berjahit mmg susah nak customize dgn saiz KakChik yang kechik ni, hehehe.

Nurhidayaty Binti Maidin said...

Salam kak chik ..

Sorry for the late reply.

Sekarang ni patern macam tu kak chik.Tudung ready made.Terus sarung.Dia nampak tajam mungkin sebab patung saya tu muka kurus sangat?..saya pakaikan saize L

Harga range from RM 65-RM 79 sebab bidang 60 dan jahitan kemas standard butik .

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Hidayaty.
Baru kakchik faham.

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