Jan 5, 2009

Let's Go Red!

Red Alert by hanniaziz

Red is one of my fav color but I seldom wear red because it would surely attract people's attention. I don't know... it's just my gut feeling although I saw some Muslimah adorning this color. Maybe I'll try one day and see what's the outcome.

Red for Festive Season by hanniaziz

Red is Gorgeous by hanniaziz


*~Ange~* said...

love the first look

kakchik said...

i believe i like that one better too especially the abaya & the hijab and possible because I'd wear it outside.

Sasha said...

suka semuanya... overall look suka yg #3... tp baju n tudung suka yg #1... pandai kakchik matchkan... cantik gak kalermerah... ni yg rasa nak sambar sepasang dua...

kakchik said...

sha, yg last look tu kchik suks kasut & bag dia.
mekasih la sha ... time ada idea, kchik suka gak dok polyvore ni.

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