Mar 10, 2009

Niqaabs for Sale

I'll add the details later. Got to go for a while. If you have any question, please email me at

Picture above and below are of the same niqaab.
This is the biggest niqaab but when you wear it, it looks just fine on you just like my picture below. I'm a small person and it still looks okay. The first layer (on the left side) can be flipped over your head and it falls down nicely at the back.

Me wearing the biggest niqaab.


Stylomom said...

Oi, bukan main lawah pakai niqaab baru ni... really lah, you look different, cantik...

kakchik said...

Mu friend,
Napok ko kelawaan ku itu? Hehehe... TQVM

~khaLiFaH in aLLah`s w0rld~ said...

salam kak.mcm mane nk pakai niqab nie ek:)thnx

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