May 25, 2009

Found a new hijab store, sooooo cheap!

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Alhamdulillah I'm back on blogging after being sick for a few days. I'm a person who seldom stay at home without doing anything constructive or going here and there. To take a leave because you have a cold and your body is hurting all over makes me feel so bored after the first day. On Friday, I went to my tutorial classes in a very good health but that night, fever start rising up and the day after I start feeling bad. That whole day & night, I can't even relax comfortably and remembering a suggestion from some friends to drink warm water with a table spoon of honey, I just did that. By Sunday, I start feeling better except for the cold. And my sister who is my doctor prescribe another day leave and boring is a word that I don't want to know.

That's the summing up of my life from Friday until now. Insya-Allah I'll be back in the office by tomorrow. And starting from tomorrow until May 31st, my bookshop will be participating in a State Bookfair. Many friends have been advicing me to take a lot of rest and take good care of myself especially in this early stage. I hope they won't worry but please pray for me and this pregnancy will be safe until due date. Insya-Allah I'll make a formal announcement about that early next month. Someone would say, "what for when you've been hinting here and there?" Well, I'm still has not make the needed examination because of certain reason and my doc say that it would be better to wait until the end of this month. So, that's it.

Mean while, I've got good news! Last week before I got the fever, I went to town for some errands regarding our office building at the local municipal council. After the business was settled, I took some time to look around the place I parked my car and there was this shop, I think it's new because I've not notice it before or maybe because I seldom park there I miss it. It's a HIJAB HEAVEN! The shop is full with all kind of hijabs, big and small.

And the BEST OF ALL is that, they are having SALE for 60" hijab. LOOK what I've got for me. 5 stripey hijab for only RM9 each. SOOO CHEAP! And I also bought a brown printed AKEL hijab for only RM20, the material is so soft. I always like AKEL because the material is so soft. And another one is a maroon hijab for only RM17.

Anyone interested, I can help you get them.


Nawal said...

Assalamu alaikum sister,

I was wondering about if I live in the United States and want to order from some of these wonderful shops you are posting. I have seen that many are quite cheap as you say but Im not sure about the reliability of their companies and shipping. Do you know if stores like De' Abayish have a good reputation because they require you set up a Malay Bank account and Im not 100% comfortable with that.

Thanks for the info!

Megan said...

I pray Allah will keep you and your baby safe and healthy. Mabrouk, hope you feel better soon, insha'allah.

Coffee Catholic said...

I hope you get better soon and that your pregnancy goes very well!

Those hijabs are gorgeous!

UniMuslimah said...

Salaam alaikum,
I'm sorry to hear that you're under the weather- I hope you get better soon, insha'Allah.

Masha'Allah, those are lovely scarves! I'm looking for 60 inch scarves here in Canada (I love the niqab style that you posted before and want to give it a try) but Islamic stores are a bit of a hike for me.


kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam Sis. Nawal,

Regarding those stores, a few have been my regulars such as Miss Abaya and Jelita Ayu. So far they have been very efficient and reliable for any queries during or after sales.

For De'Abayish, I haven't bought anything from them yet because the price is way beyond my budget. However, I believed that they are doing an honest business with lots of local customers (i saw the testimonials in their facebook group) and 2 of my own friends are also their customers. If you are interested in ordering from them, I would suggest that you negotiate with Sis. Ayooni @ Farah to make your payment through Western Union which you can send/receive money through the local post office. I did that with my customers too since I don't have any foreign account or paypal.

I think De'Abayish hasn't open any oversea's or paypal account yet, that's why they asked customers to pay through their MAYBANK account.

I'm trying to be fair to my friends who are interested in dealing with any of the blogshops that I featured here. So far there's no complaint yet to any of them. I won't be helping them if they are dishonest.

My advice is, you look for the information that they put on their blogshops, usually at the sidebar. Look for the payment method/how to order because they will be telling you how to pay.

As for certain companies that I've mention in my posts such as KF Collection that sells abayas, they don't have any blogshop but I personally can help a friend who'd be interested to buy from them provided that that friend is willing to bear the postage cost.

There, I hope that can help you. Good luck!

kakchik said...

Dear Megan, syukran jazilan sis. I'm getting better and stronger, insya-Allah.

kakchik said...

CC, thanks. Any prefered colors among those hijabs?

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam UniMuslimah,

Thanks sis for your kind wishes. Insya-Allah I'm getting better now and already back at work.

When I hear a friend in need of this hijab, I really wish I could give/send it ASAP, but we are too fat apart. Have you look around through the Net for this kind of hijabs? If it's really so hard, maybe I can help you buy them from the local retailers but there will be an issue of payment and postage and shipping would take maybe more than a week.

Thanks for liking my style. Please give it a try when you find a nice hijab. I love it when more people like it.

BTW, welcome to KakChik's Wardrobe.

wnorhaslina said...

Salam Kak Chik

Wah banyaknya borong tudung. Nak satu jugak. Hehehe. Ina doakan semuga Kak Chik n baby berada dlm keadaan sihat sentiasa.


kakchik said...

Wkslm ina. Yang mana yang ina berkenan?

Terima kasih ya ina.

wnorhaslina said...

Yang ungu tu. Namanya pun hantu purple.


kakchik said...

ina, sayangnya yang purple tu kakchik dah pun pakai malam tadi.

wnorhaslina said...

Salam kak chik

Takpa aih.. Saja ja.. Tak yah pun tak pa.


UniMuslimah said...

I'm sorry if it sounded like I was asking you to send me hijabs- that wasn't it at all! I was just saying that it's difficult to find them in my area, but insha'Allah, I'll keep looking. It's easy to find rectangular scarves and smaller square scarves, just not 60" ones. :)

I finally got the chance to try your niqab style (although with a smaller scarf)- it's a great style, especially on roller coasters (keeps coverage even when upside down :D).

Yeah, I've been following your blog for a while- I tried to comment on one of your earlier posts but for some reason it didn't go through.


kakchik said...

wkslm ina, kalau macam tu, ok lah.

kakchik said...

Dear UniMuslimah,
It's okay... as a fellow Muslim, helping each other is like a daily routine.

You really try that niqab style and enjoy the roller coaster? MashaAllah! It might be a good invention then. LOL.

Yeah, some visitors also have the same prob sometimes. Sorry, I can help there but please don't let that prevent you from visiting.

Hijab Guide said...

Thak you for charing the website.If you live in the UK or outside you can also buy cheap hijabs from they also have great hijabpins. ws

نورالعتيقة بنت محمود said...

Assalamu'alaikum. kak chik, tudung2 ni masih ade stok lg ke? sy nak beli
-student usm

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