May 12, 2009

My Abaya Collection

15 and counting.
There are only 11 of them in this slide show.
I'll be adding the pic from time to time.
All of them were accumulated in 3 years time.

The are very comfortable to wear be it rain or shine, it's cool.


Asha said...

Wooww kakchik,I like your abaya collection!! I can't wait to work and then start my own collection :)

kakchik said...

Insya-Allah Asha, soon, you'll be able to have your own collection.

wnorhaslina said...

Wah banyaknyer abaya hitam Kak Chik. Jeles ni :)

Coffee Catholic said...

Hey, these look familiar hehehe! LOVELY! I'm slowly building an abaya/kaftan collection but I've discovered that I have no sense of COLOUR. Nothing matches. So I'm going to work from my hijab down.

My advertising in peoples' comments does not seem to be working. Besides, it's embarassing! So I've temporarily opened the Farm Hijabi blog to everyone so maybe we can lure some readers in hehehe! Then, later, I'll make it private again.

kakchik said...

wnorhaslina, abaya banyak sebab selalu dipakai, kalau sehelai dua takut tak sempat dibasuh, hehehe

kakchik said...

CC, black abayas can easily be matched with any colours of hijab. That's one reason I like them.

About those comments just let them come by their own freewill. Just write what you want to write and visit others blog, leaving comments & messages.

Insya-Allah if there's healthy interaction then they'll keep coming.

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