Jun 20, 2009

Highlight 4: Butik Sunlay

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to everyone.

Most of you must be having a promising weekend with your families. A friend and her family are on their way to Cameron Highland (oh, I wish I could go too) and another friend is here in Kota Bharu for a convention but will spare some time to meet me tomorrow. And I know there are lots of things that you wish to do this weekend. And one of our weekly itineraries would be SHOPPING. Ok, ok.... I know... I've been writing a lot about shopping, well you know... fashion is always related to shopping. Isn't it?

If you still remember I used to make special post or highlight of certain online blogshop. However, due to so many interesting things that have happened in my life so far, I tend to forget about that task. Maybe I've promised to do this highlight monthly, so please forgive me for forgetting.

As I browse through some of the blogshops that I list down in KakChik's Wardrobe, I was intimidated to make a review of BUTIK SUNLAY's blogshop. Part of the reasons are frequents inquiries from friends about undercaps and shawls. I think this online boutique has what they are looking for. Let's see what this boutique has in its store.

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Click on the image to visit the shop.

1. They have a selection of PASHMINA. Anyone interested in wearing pashmina as hijab, can simply order them from Butik Sunlay. I've 'print screen'ed this picture from the blogshop.

2. UNDERCAPS - turkish, syirian, wardina's style and lace. (more details in their blogshop).

Above and below pics are turkish undercaps. Sample above shows how to wear it under your shawls/hijab.

Above pic - LACE undercaps (2 pics above credit to Butik Sunlay.)

3. HIJAB PIN - IMHO very simple yet elegant.

4. SHAWLS - they have so many choices, beautiful designs, patterns and colours. Below are a few samples.

I just love the 2-tone colour of the shawl above. If they have a bigger one, I think I would be interested to buy but most are rather short in width for me.

Aren't they looks pretty?

5. CLOTHS for making a dress - batik, chiffon, jacquard, satin etc. Just have a look in their shop. The prices seems reasonable and

FYI, I've never order anything yet from this blogshop but I sincerely think they are doing an honest business. This is what they got to say about their business:
This website is initiated to cater for MUSLIM WOMEN'S interest & enthusiasm on products offered by SunLay Boutique (since 9th Dec 2008).

Feel free to drop me a line or ring me, details as below :
SMS : 013-4887389 (Fara a.k.a Che'Ah)
Email : fara171@gmail.com
That's it then. My first blogshop review for this year. I WILL ONLY REVIEW blogshops that sells things that I'm interested in and of course suitable to add as our Islamic attire. Don't forget whatever you put on your body, it must be suitable with this : AURAH COMPLIANCE.



xuen adyla said...

i dunno how to style tudung
i was thinking of buyin anyway

kakchik said...

dear xuen, don't worry... there are lots of video of hijab styling on youtube. you just need to search for HIJAB, insyaAllah you'll find one that you like.

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