Jun 18, 2009

Modest Clothing & Colourful Abayas

If you are looking for a modest clothing heaven, this is the right place.

They stocked so many nice, colourful, modest clothing from blouses, tunics, baju kurungs, tudungs/hijabs and all kind of abayas. Although I seldom buy my clothes here but I'm sure most Muslim women would be attracted to get inside the shop. This shop is located on the 3rd floor in KB Mall.

Just look at their window display... the newest fashion of modern baju kurung. Both are made from sheer material but layered under them with satin. I like both of them but luckily there's not any size for me.

Oh, I really wish they have size S for this abaya. Simple with a beautiful details made from satin ribbons. This is the LAST ONE and it's size M, length is 55".

Huhu, I need to try this new 2-layers abaya. They have size 38, the smallest size for that design but it's still quite long for me and since the abaya's cutting is rather following the body shape, I'm glad I won't be spending money. If I'm taller, maybe this abaya is already hanging inside my wardrobe right now.

Part of the happy moment during my shopping was accidentally meeting my long lost friend. I think both of us still look the same as 10 years ago, LOL. And I LOVE HER JELABIYA, very beautiful and looks comfy.

Oh, we exchange phone numbers and promise to call each other after this.

Lastly, I'd like to share another shop for Muslimah.

But, we didn't enter Optimo because we are in a hurry to pray Maghrib.

BTW, while inside JW Collection, I did intent to snap some pics of their shelves of colourful, modern, traditional and fancy abayas but I totally forgot, but believe me, they have many designs.


Hijab Chic said...

Gorgeous abayas, I wish we had such Islamic clothing stores in Finland too, heheh :P

Sasha said...

KB Mall is a shopping heaven for Muslim Women... I must go there one day... Planning a vacay to Terengganu & Kelantan end of this year... InsyaAllah..

kakchik said...

Hijab Chic, there are so many stores like that one here because there are more modest Muslimahs here. Insya-Allah one day when Finland has more Muslims, I think this kind of shop would be every where. Mean while, you can visit here for shopping. hehe

kakchik said...

Sha, please, please come for a visit. I'll be here waiting for you.

Kitty Pryde said...

Kak Chik, kat area KL takde ke outlets of these shops?

Kalau Kak Chik gi lagi, tanyakan ye. Kit nak gi.

I LOVE the layered abaya you tried on. Kalau ada MY size, sure I pun dh grabbed it hahahah.

Khazinatul_Asrar said...

wah, makin banyak kedai ya kat KB MALL. Makin xsabar nak kelik klate :D. Kakchik, brapa harga jubah hitam yang ade ribbons merah tu? hari ada jgk nmpk di KB, tp mahalnya~hehe

Coffee Catholic said...

The layered abaya was goregous.

How interesting! I've been trying to create the same look as the baju kurung ~ without realising that this is what I was doing! I enjoy the long tunic/dress over the skirt. Very beautiful and modest and fits the large hips very well.

Coffee Catholic said...

It is my goal to visit Maylasia one day! I have always wanted to see that country. :-)

Tautan_Hati said...

tempat2 kegemaranku utk shopping

kakchik said...

Kit, I don't know whether they have outlet in KL or not. You can also try First Lady Boutique at Subang Parade, they have quite many beautiful modest clothing. Optimo might have an outlet because it's like a franchise store but JW I don't know. I'll try asking next time I'm there.
That layered abaya is the smallest, size 38 but they have up to size 48. What size are you?

kakchik said...

Syaz, kedai bukan makin banyak Syaz, memang banyak, hehehe.
Jubah hitam ribon merah tu RM99.90 kalau tak silap kakchik. Tinggal satu tu je.
Kalau Syaz nak beli jubah dengan diskaun, jangan beli atas KB Mall sebab kat situ memang harga mati. Cuba cari kat atas Billion, Bazar MPKB, Bazar Buluh Kubu atau butik sekitar KB baru dapat diskaun. Kena pandai tawar menawar.

kakchik said...

CC, I'm going to copy that layered abaya style, custom made for me.

Actually those are modern baju kurung, if the traditional baju kurung, it's also a 2-piece but the tunic and the skirt different. I'm going to take some pic s soon.

Yes... I hope your wish may come through. If you achieve that dream, please don't forget to visit me in Kelantan, hehe.

kakchik said...

Nurzy, mesti kalau balik KB tak ketinggalan singgah di KB Mall ni.

Hajar said...

Love the abaya details. Looks uber comfy. Wonder if we can get something similar in KL ...

Kitty Pryde said...

Kak Chik,

Harusla 46 or 48 hahahahah.



Nanti Kit gi carik!

Tautan_Hati said...

sy mmg duduk KB...hehehehe
mmg tak sabar nak pg JW collection
tunggu ongkos masuk~~
bajunya cantik2 sangat n puas hati

kakchik said...

Hajar - actually most of those dresses are from KL including that abaya.

Kit - huhu, you must be tall

Nurzy - staying in KB would be a bonus for you... I think this place is a shopping heaven for Muslimah clothing.

Tautan_Hati said...

i'm lucky
and i found my size at JW collection
-modern kurung-
-new arrival-
thank u for ur ideas!!

Modestkini said...

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