Aug 22, 2009


Assalamualaikum and Ramadhan Kareem everyone. I think I feel the peace and happiness spreading all over the place with Ramadhan's spirit. It's a kind of an overwhelming feeling if you are able to fast and do the compulsory and commendable ibadah.

Lucky people.

Anyway, I was just going to share what had happened a few days before Ramadhan.

Well, there were so many things happened but I will just share ones that are important to me.

On Wednesday, I have a meeting with 2 of my close friends at my office as my contribution in helping one of them to organize a JUMBLE SALE as a fundraising activity for her school. Kak Ina, is the headmistress of SRI AL-HAFEEZ, a new private Islamic primary school. She's been doing her best in raising funds for the school and as a friend, I'll try my best to help her. Along with he thelp of Kak An (jumble sale was her idea), we are planning to do this project as soon as possible, maybe after Eid. Hopefully this project will be helpful and fruitful for the school.

After the meeting, we went out for lunch at NOODLE STATION, KB Mall, a treat from Kak An. It's my first time eating there and I tried one of the noodle dishes that only get 3stars from me. It's good but not very good and taste like Kak An's noodle. However I still like it. Just enjoy the pictures.

Thursday was a very hectic day for me. Although it's my OFF DAY but I hvae to do so many errands for my bookshop and also for my family. Early in the morning I washed the clothes then ironed several of my husband's shirts and also my abayaat. At 8.00 am, I have a whole body massage treatment at home until 10.30 am. It was very good but that night my whole body feels hurt. Lucky the next day, I'm okay.

After that I took my mom to a an optometris for her new glasses and also mine. Then off we go to 3 banks at 3 different places, from Kubang Kerian to Pengkalan Chepa and lastly to Kota Bharu. Next was to the post office to post a few packages for my customers. Back at home at 1.00 pm and got busy with Zuhur and lunch preparation. Afternoon.... I was so tired and passed out.

Yesterday was another busy day and we just recieved news that my FIL has a heart attack and he was in quite a bad condition. At the same time my husband have to go for a 2-days course. I have to cancel my attendance to my monthly religious group meeting and do what I hvae to do for the family.

That's it. And today, on the 1st Ramadhan, I'm back at work.

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