Oct 15, 2009

Blog Make Over

Assalamualaikum to all dear visitors and readers.

KakChik's Wardrobe currently is under major makeover. All the process start at 7.00pm and hopefully will be complete before midnight tonight.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience during this makeover but I hope you can still read the entries while I'm doing the make up for this blog.

Hopefully the new FACE of KakChik's Wardrobe will be looking better and easy to the eyes. And also compatible with all browsers.

Till then, wassalam.

Last day for this layout: 151009


Sasha said...

perubahan itu perlu once in a while... keep up the good work, kakchik...

kakchik said...

Sasha - Setuju Sha. Kadang-kadang perubahan yang dibuat akan mendatangkan kebaikan, insyaAllah. Terima kasih Sha.

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