Oct 5, 2009

Dubai Abaya Fashion Show

Would you be interested?

YouTube video is from HERE

YouTube video is from HERE.

They are GORGEOUS and I'm sure the price is way beyond my budget.
But, I think there's nothing wrong in finding inspirations from them.


Sasha said...

Wow!! Amazing collection... Interesting Ideas... Harap2 Sha pun dapat jadi great Fashion Designer kelak... huhu... byk lagi yg Sha perlu belajar... making dresses is not easy as it may seem.. cabaran buat Sha to make nice dress...

thanx Kak Chik for this input... byk yg Sha dpt dr sini...

kakchik said...

Sha - Yep, they are amazing. Insyaallah if there's a will there must be a way. Keep learning and practicing consistently, one day you also can be like them.
Kakchik akan doakan kejayaan Sha.

You are welcome.

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