Oct 6, 2009

Everything's Matched

What's under the abaya?

A pair of 'baju kurung'. Malaysian likes to wear this dress in any occasion, be it formal of not, depends on the quality of the material, decoration, cutting and brand too. Mine is a normal one which I wear on daily basis. It looks like a skirt and a tunic made from the same material. I prefer to make cuffs for the sleeves to make sure that when I raise my hand, the sleeve stay secure at the wrist.

What's the outside look like?

I have an abaya or Malaysian call it 'jubah'. This is a custom made abaya which I make the design. Open front with buttons and also front pockets. Most of my old abayat are like this. Sleeves are also cuffed.

And a pretty square 60" hijab of the same colour. This hijab is quite big and can give more coverage even if you are tall and big. I even can twist it into niqab.

Lastly my old shoes which I seldom wear because I think it's too fancy. Previously I wear it during Eids and also weddings. Cheap shoes but comfortable to wear.

Don't you think they matched?

Women like to match their clothes in one tone of colour but sometimes they also do Mix and Match.

Note: Just a boring update.


blogresipi said...


Salam ziarah dari blogresipi. :)

kakchik said...

blogresipi - terima kasih sudi singgah. jemputlah datang lagi

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