Oct 19, 2009

Girls, Fear Allah, Don't Fear Me

That's what I always said to the girls and boys who came to our library. And I said that again just now.

Day by day, our library has become more popular with the secondary school students especially the girls. Nearby this library we have 4 secondary schools and every afternoon after 1 pm many of their students flooded into our library.

I'm happy that they choose to come to this library rather than loitering the malls or doing nothing beneficial. BUT... there is a few buts.

Picture only as example. Source: Google

The first one is, some of them seldom study, do revision or looking for books. If they did study, it's only for a few minutes then they start disturbing others. From what I've seen so far these girls came here looking for guys and vice versa. They flirt, they laugh so loud, they disobey the rules, they just simply wasting their time. Our staffs have been advising them about the meaning of coming to the library, what's the purpose, the importance of respecting others and the intention of coming to the library. But we are talking to deaf ears.

We talk to them in natural tones, kind tones, friendly tones and a few of us have been known for loosing their patience and scolded these kids. We are sorry, really, because we shouldn't be like that. We are here to do da'wah to them but we are also human.

Another but is these teenagers keep loosing their moral values even though some of them are prefects at their schools. From my own experience prefects are suppose to be exemplary students either academically or in akhlaq. I'm sad to look at these youngsters who talk back at almost every naseehah that was given to them. If they do not talk back, they back biting and make fun of us.

As the secretary cum manager of this library, I always remember our vision and mission of our existence in this community. We will do our best in providing a free and peaceful place for everyone to gain knowledge and ties silaturrahim (Islamic friendship). And we will do our best to ensure that this library has the soul of knowledge, the Islamic feel inside it, the happiness of being in a library, a different type of feelings almost like being in a masjid. But lately they corrupted that too. We are loosing the peacefulness.

Sometimes I like to walk around the 3 floors of our library just to observe. It just that I love seeing our regulars reading and studying in the library. And sometimes I share with them the love for reading and the wisdom of Islamic way of life, especially if I see anyone doing forbidden things like sitting in too close proximity between a girl and a boy. If I saw any misbaheviour, I'll use a friendly but firm tone of voice to advise. I don't like being stern or fierce because I think nobody would like that kind of tones.

But... these kids are really tough and stiff-necked. Really! They make fun of everything. Example:

From a far I can see a few girls are playing around with a few boys, probably from the same school. Talking so loud, laughing, eating and even one girl was using her body language to entice a boy sitting beside her (actually the reading area is separate according to gender, this is an Islamic library). And I thought, I have to tell them about FEAR ALLAH. When they saw me, everybody practically ran to their separate tables. And I just said this to them,
"Adik-adik... kenapa takutkan akak? Takutlah Allah yang sedang melihat. Ingatlah dua Malaikat kiri dan kanan yang sentiasa mencatat amal perbuatan kita. Jangan takutkan akak kerana mati esok, kita akan jumpa Allah. Takutlah pada Allah dik."

"Brothers & sisters... why do you fear me? Please fear Allah because He sees everything you do. Remember, there are two Angels beside you who jot down every deed that you do. Don't fear me, but fear Allah. If we die tomorrow, we are going to face Him soon."
I left them after saying those words. I pray, I pray that they will give some thought on what I've said to them. I'm not saying I'm better than them. I'm just doing my amanah as the dai'e of Islam. I love them because they are Muslim too. I don't want to be an individual who think only of myself but I care about others around me.

I know they are still young and want to enjoy life but at that age they also need to know and understand what is akhlaq as a Muslim.


Stylomom said...

Salam Chik... I see lots of these in Singapore too, and I feel embarassed when the girls are hijabies.But I must say, the cultural difference in conduct of people using libraries are enormous, here in the UK, I see people really studying and keep silent throughout their stay, back home our libraries are not as silent. One thing you can do CHik is to report back to the schools and let them know how their students behave.As a teacher I do this often when I see that students of certain schools are not behaving. Especially you in Kelantan, everyone is Muslim, the school shouldnt allow this sort of behaviour. Right?

Melda :o) said...

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi my dear sister,

I think you did a good deed. It's our duty as muslims to enjoin the good and forbid the evil. Yes, they are kids and want to "enjoy life" as you put it but they also need to learn that one can enjoy life without going against Allah's rules!

You reminded those kids of who they should fear the most and you did so in a very loving and caring way. May Allah reward you with the highest level of Jannah for it.

Ms. R said...

Salam alaikom habibt1!

Al-hamdulillah the school has someone like you to remind the kids of the etiguettes of Islaam that they should comply to, with gentleness and kind words. I think you have done your part as a Muslim to remind them of the appropriate islamic behaviour they should adopt but don't be sad insha Allah! The onus then lies on them because I am sure they are old enough to differentiate between right and wrong. We can only do so much for our youths these days. If advising and dua doesn't help, then we leave it to Allah. I think it all boils down to how the kids are being raised up in the family. If the children is raised in an Islamic environment, insha Allah, they would understand that free-mixing is prohibited in Islaam.

And Allah knows best.

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam Dear Stylomom,
I am embarrassed too because all of them are hijabies too and Malay Muslim.
Actually our library is a bit like a community center especially the lowest floor. The other 2 floors are for main reading area and should be peaceful and silent.
Well, I did report to their schools but the feedback is just so so and nothing happen.
These schools are not under the local Government sis. They follow orders from the Central Government that's why it's difficult to spread Islamic teaching there. They are academic schools that emphasized only in academic results not the behaviour/akhlaq. It's a sad situation. And FYI we have 2% non-Muslim around this area but they are not the problem. It's our Malay Muslim generation.

Kit Pryde said...

salam kak chik,

honestly (and this is my own opinion and experience).

to me, the problem is these kids themselves that do NOT want to practise our religion.

i think their parents have a bigger role in their behaviour, because AFTER school, they are their PARENTS' responsibility.

But to me, even if their parents beat, scold and advise them but they do not want to change, they won't.

And maybe when dealing with the schools involved, you should really cc a copy of the complaint to the ministry. I know that would cause them to sit up and pay more attention and hopefully TRY to help with the situation.

you do have a point that the central govt stresses on academic results. but i don't agree with the generalization.

1. i'm a product of central government schooling. except for form 4 & 5, i used to go a school that was originally a missionary school. they took bad behaviour VERY seriously, even though students have left the school area, as long as they are wearing the school uniform and bad, we were expected to behave with decorum. esp for muslim girls. students have been given warnings, parents have been called for meetings and i believe a few girls were even suspended for misbehaving.

our headmistress valued and greatly relied on our ustazahs' opinions and point of views. we had our own Islamic extra curricular activites and programmes ALL the time.

we were not only taught to be good muslimahs, but encouraged in EVERY way to do so. our school administration with our ustazahs conducted classes on tajwid and reading the quran ON THEIR OWN TIME after school.

2. i know many people who are from religious school that are not under the central govt whom I think are only muslim in name, because they told me of the times when they were still in school that they drank alcohol (beer) and some even frequented prostitutes in the neighbouring country (after school, obviously).

so that's why i think its ultimately the person who is doing the deed is to blame.

sorry for the long post. i just felt the need to speak out.

not all central govt schools are bad, and not all state controlled schools are better.

Candice said...

I think you did it in a very nice way. It makes them think. If that didn't work, then they probably don't understand the reasons why it's not OK to sit with people of the opposite sex. It would be the parents' responsability to teach these things normally. If you get a chance, they probably need to hear it...

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