Oct 9, 2009

My Mom is Sick

Assalamualaikum dear readers.

Hopefully everyone is in good health and enjoy this Friday as much as I'm going to. Insyaallah.

I'm sorry for not posting anything yesterday. Actually my Mom is quite sick and she's been in bed since Wednesday's afternoon. Her blood pressure is a bit high and she also in pain because of her sprain knee.

When my Mom is like that, I can't updates more than one blog as I already posted the same news in Keluargaku Sayang.

Me and my sisters have been taking good care of her and yesterday I do everything at home and let her rests and sleeps. At night my younger sister looks after my 2 nieces (daughters of my other younger sister who's on call) while I look after Ummi.

After almost 2 days of pain and a bit of hallucination, my Mom is getting better and today, she's back on her feet. Alhamdulillah. I can rest easy to leave her with my sister while I attend my classes.

Please pray for her health. I can only do my best for her. May Allah bless my Mom with good health soon.


nona said...

semoga mak kak chik sihat2 selalu...

Melda :o) said...

Assalamu alaikum my dear sister :o)

May Allah bless your mother with good health and bless you and your sisters for taking good care of her! :o)

Your mom looks so sweet, masha'allah hehe Please tell her I said Assalamu alaikum from Germany ;o)

nor said...


hope yr mom gets well soonest . you take care too. ((HUGS))

nazliahnazeer said...

naz doakan mak kakchik cepat sembuh. :) syafakillah..

kakchik said...

nona - terima kasih banyak. alhamdulillah hari ni Ummi dah sihat.

kakchik said...

Melda - Wa'alaikummussalam my friend. Thanks for your prayers. Alhamdulillah she's back in good health and already busy in her fav place, the kitchen. I'll tell her your salaam when I get home.

kakchik said...

nor - thanks a lot sis! i'll be fine insyaallah.

kakchik said...

naz - terima kasih banyak ya. Allah dah makbulkan doa kita semua.

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