Nov 30, 2009

Eid and the after effect

Assalamualaikum dear friends and readers. May peace and blessings of Allah be upon all of you. And I hope that everyone is in good health and enjoying your life wherever you are.

Right now, it's raining non-stop in Kota Bharu and the weather seems to be staying like that maybe until tomorrow. The rain has been pouring since early last night and hasn't stop till now. However, alhamdulillah... on the Eid day, the weather was very bright and shining. Thanks to Allah that has bestow upon us the good weather so that we can make the sacrifice in good conditions.

It is a four day Eid for Kelantanese and it has always been like that since I'm small. Kelantanese celebrates Aidul-Adha a bit grander and longer than others in Malaysia. We know that Aidul-Fitr is a big day for everyone but to most of Kelantanese Aidul-Adha is bigger. I don't really know the specific reasons for that but from my own experience, people here start celebrating the coming Eid starting from the 1st. day of Zulhijjah by fasting and the Arafah day. We were taught to feel the same experience of those doing their hajj in Makkah so that we will always thought about performing the hajj too, the mabrur hajj. Anyway this feeling that I'm not able to tell you because my lacking of the right words for it, is starting to loose it's meaning when modernization came.

Well, nobody is to be blamed because I'm also do not do enough efforts in preserving that feeling. I don't know. I think I'm getting sloppy in my ibadah, that's why I am loosing the real spirit and meaning of both Eids especially Aidul-Adha.

Apart from that, Aidul-Adha is the day when people sacrifice a sheep or a goat or a cow as a sacrificial imitation of the Prophet Ibrahim sacrificing his son, the Prophet Ismail (there's more to this story than what I'm stating here, so please do more reading). This year I'm not able to do it but some of my siblings and also my parent did sacrificed a cow. My father slaughtered the cow as always and then many family members helped to cut the meat and devided them into 7 parts. 4 parts are my family's which we then devided again into smaller portions to be devided to our relatives, faqirs (the poors), and some are for us to make food for the helpers and a bit is stored for us. Alhamdulillah all the meat have found the rightful owners.

One of the food is the dalca or mix vege curry that I've eaten with white rice.

Besides that, here and there people are inviting us to their majlis such as wedding celebrations, aqiqahs and 'open house' events which means we will be consuming varieties of food mainly made from meat. Oh my! Just imagine what is the big after effect from those food. Allahu Akbar! They have made me sick of stomach ache and diarrhea since last night. I feel like lying down but today is the KINDY day at our house. There are 7 kids below 11 playing and bickering everywhere in this house. I just couldn't live my mom, sister and maid looking after them without helping at all. So, no napping for me. Actually they are my nieces and nephew who are left here because their parents (my sisters) are already working today while my youngest sister and I are still on holiday.

Between the toilet, kitchen and the kids, I try to sqeeze a little time to write this, hehe. Oh no! Mom is scolding someone out there. Got to go now. Those kids are really pressing their luck with my ill mother. Bye for now. Wassalam.


Azura Iznil said... yer celebrat Aidil Adha kat Kelantan..emh..emh..

Mine not very good..tak pe...hadapi semua dugaan dgn tabah..huhuhu.

Btw, kakak tolong reply my email ye..saya mau beli Abaya..but confused with the!

Ms. R said...

Salam alaikom sis, a very late Eid Mubaraak to you sis!

Thanks for sharing your Eid celebrations in your country! I didn't know Eid-ul-Adha is a bigger celebration than Eid-ul-Fitri.. interesting!

p/s the dish in the picture looks good lol..

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