Nov 25, 2009

Exclusively Kelantan: The Purchasing Power of Kelantanese!

Assalamualaikum and a very good afternoon everyone. Hopefully all of you are in good health and enjoying your day with your loved ones.

Lately, I'm not much of a writer because I have to allocate more time for my assignments and the coming final exam which will start on the 16 Dec. Actually the exam week started 2 days ago but I don't have any paper until that date. However I still spare some time to read some of my friends blogs and blog-hopping anywhere interesting. From the hopping around that I've made, I found this interesting article about one small part of my beloved home-state, Kelantan. As a good citizen, I'd like to share the article with you, my beloved readers and visitors. InsyaAllah the OWNER of the original article had given his approval for me to re-post it here.

So, here's the article!

Here are Top Ten "Purchasing Power" as the evidence to the existence of economic growth achieved by the state government through some of the implementation reflecting under the Islamic-approaches of Kelantan state government almost 20 years in the driving seat parallel with prospect of 2015 Kelantan State Growth. The PAS government leading this Mecca-Veranda as dubbed (by Malaysian) apparently interprets the manifestation after massive changes for its dwellers despite mainstream media negatively labeling Kelantan as poverty-stricken state! These are some of the proofs to crystallize the  (accusation from) Malicious Mainstream Media of Malaysia!. I will describe it as Exclusively Kelantan: Republic of Islam: The Purchasing Power of Kelantanese, Kota Bharu The Islamic City's Radius.

This is (one of) the most establish hyper-mart in Kelantan since its opening in 1995. Billion hypermarket (Kota Sri Mutiara) is situated adjoining Renaissance Hotel on the right side.

Kota Bharu Mall or KB Mall is one of the most strong purchasing power for Kelantanese after  it was officially opened 4 years ago because of its strategically-situated at the entrance of Kota Bharu City.

Pelangi Mall, was built beside the Kelantan River's river banks still waiting for its D-Day to be officially opened for public perhaps by early of next year.

Kota Bharu Trade Center or KBTC 's Parkson-cum-Giant was opened to public on September this year is another KB Mall-type shopping mall of strong purchasing power to the Kelantanese particularly in Kota Bharu Radius .

Low-price mart, Tesco enter its first east-coast markets by choosing Kota Bharu, Kelantan as their main destination and reportedly gaining huge returns from their monthly emolument.

Kubang Kerian Square or (in short) KK Square located in Kubang Kerian Satellite Town officially opened for public a couple of months ago. Situated nearby the new Mydin Mart (see below) and in front of the Hospital USM.

This is new Mydin Mart, retails and wholesales hyper-marts located in Kubang Kerian Sattelite Town. This mart was dubbed as Subang Mydin-like because of its capacity to welcome large quantity of customers!

This is Pengkalan Chepa's Pantai Timur Hypermarket, one of the low-price mart in Kota Bharu situated near the entrance of Kelantan domestic airport, the Sultan Ismail Petra Airport.

Ceria Supermarket giving most promising low-price retails and wholesales goods as it serves to the people around Wakaf Che Yeh new-development area, in particular.

Bilal Supermarket, the Islamic-undercover of Chinese company serving low-price for daily chores and fresh goods situated at Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra.

Growth Together With Islam..!

Hope you find it interesting and informational as I did.
al-Fateh, thank you.


Sitisifir10 said...

Antara tempat yg k.Chik sebut ini adalah tempat shopping saya dulu...but we prefer to shop near to an ayam percik restaurant near a school field..ooooo i really forgot the name!!!

Sasha said...

Bangga Sha tgk kejayaan org Islam di Kelantan... yg memang susah nak jumpa kat tempat2 lain... Hidup Islam!!... Utk kakchik juga... moga berjaya hingga ke tahap yg kakchik idamkan...

Stylomom said...

Salam Chik... wah tak tahu Kelantan has prospered so much... can i ask you something... have you removed my Muslimah's closet link? please dont... I got new abayas to sell... thank you ah...

Sitisifir10 said...

k.cik, saya dah ingat nama kedai yng selalu saya shopping...addin ria...huhuhu

kakchik said...

Sitisifir10, Addin Ria sudah takde. Sekarang ni tapaknya sedang dalam pembinaan bangunan baru. Kakchik pun dulu suka juga singgah beli-belah kat situ.

kakchik said...

Sasha, terima kasih. Org Kelantan pun dapat bangkit dgn bantuan kuasa beli org dr negeri2 lain juga. Setiap kali cuti ramai yg dtg membeli-belah dan bercuti di sini. Alhamdulillah. Terima kasih ya Sha.

kakchik said...

Wkslm Stylomom. Yes... after nearly 20 years under Tok Guru's leadership, this State has developed so much.
About your link, insyaAllah I have linked back. I thought you are not doing that business anymore. Forgive me.

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