Nov 13, 2009

I'm rambling

Assalamualaikum everyone.

Sorry for not doing any updates since this morning. I was a bit busy with the family and also trying to do some readings because I've been neglecting my books for quite sometime.

When you are living in a big family like mine, you'll have more responsibilities to fulfill especially when you are the eldest among the siblings. FYI, I'm not the eldest child but I'm currently the eldest in this house so, I have to be more responsible towards my parents who has been sheltering me and hubby while our own house is being built.

Today, my older sister arrived home for a visit. She's a teacher who teaches religious classes and also Arabic. A few months ago I've written here about her miscarriage. Alhamdulillah, she brings home a good news for us, she's pregnant again. The whole family is so happy for her especially because she's having a girl after two boys.

As for business matters, my bookstore is doing ok although we have a bit of a problem with our landlord. InsyaAllah the problem will be solved soon and we might be moving to another location early next year. It will be a better location than the current one, insyaAllah.

And my abaya business is doing rather good considering I only have a small selections with me. InsyaAllah tomorrow the shipment will arrived and next week I can open up a promotion table at a few places. I've already recieved two invitations to open up a stall selling my books and the abayat. I am hoping to do my best in introducing the abayat to my local market. Please pray for my success.

I got to pen off now, my book is calling.


Sacrifice4Allah said...

MashaAllah sister, I love your style. The abayaahs, hijabs and niqab look so beautiful! May Allah bless you and grant you Jannah! Ameen!!!

kakchik said...

Thank you dear friend. This is very encouraging to me. If you like, you can copy the style.

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