Mar 4, 2010

Under The Abaya

Assalamualaikum everyone... may all of you have a happy day wherever you are.

It's really hot in Malaysia. People tend to stay at home more than going outside. You can easily get a headache after a few minutes of walking under the bright sun. Please use an umbrella if you plan to do lots of walking because in this weather, becoming sick is so easy and took a longer time to get better.

When it's hot, people like to wear less clothing or clothes made from materials which are suitable with the weather. As a Muslim, and an abaya wearer, alhamdulillah I can adapt very well with the hot weather even though I'm wearing all black. However, I wear more pastel coloured jilbabs during this season especially in daytime but if I go out at night, it would be more black abayaat.

Some friends asked me about my clothes under the abaya? They said, they are so hot in their baju kurung and wondering how I can be so normal in my abaya. Normal as in I never said that I'm feeling warm or complaining about the condition. So... here is my secret, Under The Abaya.

My tips are:
  • wear skirts or pants made from linen or cotton
  • wear tops or dresses also made from line or cotton
  • linen and cotton are very light materials and they can absorb sweat quickly
  • maxi can be a good choice too.
  • sleeveless tops or dresses are also my favourites
Well those are what I wore under my abaya. So far, I have no problem walking around under the scorching sun even though I'm wearing a black abaya. Ops, another thing is, I use a 100% pashmina or a cotton hijab because the usual rectangular shayla can easily make your head warm.

That's all. Wassalam.


Adib said...

I think the irritating feeling of clothes during hot weather is because of the sweat that takes a long time to dry. I've tried wearing a collar shirt without a singlet and it's made me sweaty and icky on my backside.

But when I wear a polystyrene adidas sleeveless shirt underneath a clothing, the irritation is sometimes unnoticeable. Sure you might feel a bit warm inside, but it isn't that bad. Maybe its because polysterene absorbs sweat fast and at the same time, it dries fast.

C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

Thanks for this post. :)

سيده نفيسه said...

Salam kak Chik for this beneficial post escp in hot weather now in Kelantan.I think I have to find some linen and maxi.yeay , shopping timo :)Thanks for this !!

NeverEver said...

MashaAllah all beautiful and very coooool


Wawa said...

kakchik, i've just started wearing abaya like a month ago and it's good to know that you do wear 'normal' clothes under your abaya.

i've been wearing flare pants and sports singlets under the abaya, especially when i went out under the sun.

however, the disadvantage is that i cannnot simple take out my abaya if i am not at my own place, even when there's sisters only.

takut terperanjat pula. :) well, people have perception, don't they.


Hajar said...

Assalamualaikum Kak Chik,

The scorching weather is a dead-ringer for ailments!!! I was sick for a couple of days, and Alhamdulillah the health has improved.

I love the skirt and jumpers in your last set! Now ... where can I find something similar .....

kakchik said...

Adib, it's true. That's why my husband prefers to wear t-shirts during this season.

Is it polystyrene or polyester? If it is as good as you claimed than that material can be a good choice too.

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam to C. You are welcome.

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam Nafisah. Are you trying to find excuse for shopping? Hehe, sorry... I'm just kidding.

kakchik said...

Thank you NeverEver.

kakchik said...

Wawa, congratulation sis! May Allah bless you. Wearing abaya does not restrict me from wearing those clothes. We are also women and human like others too only that we just want to please Allah more, insyaallah. LOL, you are right about taking off the abaya when you have a sexy number under it but I've seen among my abaya-clad-niqabi friends who are so brave to do that. I simply can't, I am shy too.

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam Hajar.
Certainly true. I am still coughing and everyday there is someone sick among my family members. Pls take better care of yourself so that you wouldn't get sick again. I am following my doc's orders to get better.

KL is so big, insyaallah you'll manage to find something similar to that set.

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