Apr 12, 2010

Drop by EightDesigns While On The Way to Radix Chicken House

Butik eightDesigns in Kota Bharu Trade Center

Assalamualaikum everyone!

Yesterday, my friends and I  went to KBTC for lunch and we were planning to try the menu at the new branch of Radix Chicken House, a subsidiary company of HPA Industries, a Muslim owned multi-companies. Of course a HALAL food company.

Actually, at the back of my mind, I really want to drop by an online friend's boutique which I listed her webshop's link under Muslim's Shops. I knew that she has opened a new branch in KBTC a few months ago, so why not give it a visit. Who knows, I might get the opportunity to meet the owner, Sue.

That's the boutique, I think on the 1st. or 2nd. floor of KBTC. A pinkish, gurly yet elegant shop. I did stopped for a while and chit-chat with her staffs and maybe her friend who was also looking at some clothes. Not so lucky because Sue was not in KB. Well, it's okay... but I think Sue's staffs might be a bit surprised because a niqabi get in and claimed that she knows the owner, lol.

Anyway, congratulations to Sue for the opening of her 2nd. boutique.

We then went to RCH at the 3rd. floor of that business center and have a delightful lunch. You go RCH! I'm sure one day soon, you'll be on par with KFC and McD.

Till then, love you all. Wassalam.

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