Apr 20, 2010

Just 24 And She's The Admin of a Big Mosque

Yassemine sl-Ksaihi, 24

"She's different from any other woman because she's the Administrator of a big mosque in Amsterdam. A very unique position not just in a Muslim world but also in Europe." said the Ekspresi section of a local daily, Harian Metro, 2 days ago.

I am so proud of this young lady. IMHO she's the first female administrator of a mosque that I've ever known. Normally the admin of a mosque is a man but this lady has broken the rule and proved to the world that a woman can managed a mosque, a big one at that.

She's still quite young and at her age I am still a green graduate looking for jobs and not matured enough to face the world. Yet, she's already managing a mosque in a country where Islam is not the main religion. Where Islam is still look upon as a threatening religion but I believe that more and more European embracing Islam each day.

Sis Yassemine, all the best to you sis! May Allah bless you in your worldly life and the Hereafter. Even though we are living far apart, I feel like you are just a neighbour.  


oum moesaa said...

Salaamu alaikum,
When i read this i have to say something about it. It's funny that this artical is in a paper in malaysia. As you know i'm from the Netherlands and Amsterdam is the capitalcity. Alhamdulillah there are many activities for muslims in the biggest city's of the Netherlands. About this mosque.. there are many speculations in the muslimcommunity here about the mosque. i don't have an opinion about it because i've never been there, so i don't know if they are doing good with everything they do, Allahu Alim! But there intention is probably good. However, i still can't what to visit your country.. Salaamu alaikum, um moesaa

Nawal said...

Making speculations about things they know not and causing fitnah. Some people just cant handle a woman in charge.

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam oum moesaa.
Actually the article is quite long so I just embedded the 1st page only. Among other things that was said in the article is that the mosque's main motive is to decrease the strain between Muslims and non-Muslims in the area. And sis Yassemine has been doing lots of improvement at the mosque. As you are in the Netherlands, maybe you can give the Polder Mosque a visit and get a better knowledge about it. Insyaallah they are doing good things for Islam.

And I am happy for your intention sis. May Allah bless your wish to come true.

kakchik said...

Nawal, hopefully people will start thinking in a broader perspective for the future of Islam. Sometimes different life situation can make people make certain judgement without thinking further. Insyaallah, gradually people will understand that a woman too can be in charge in certain condition.

oum moesaa said...

yes, maybe i'll give it a try to visit the polder mosque. And you are right,it's very easy for nun-muslims to go to the mosque. inshaAllah gair. :)

Candice said...

Masha'Allah! What an inspirational woman!

kakchik said...

oum moesaa, alhamdulillah... from my point of view, Islam is spreading very fast in Europe.

there are more mosques, hopefully not a racist one because Islam is for everyone. i am glad and happy to know that in a non-Muslim country, many people are embracing Islam. It's a very welcoming news to me who always live in a country where Islam is the main religion (people tend to take it for granted).

kakchik said...

100% agree with Candice.

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