Apr 18, 2010

Kelantan - Soul Campus Part 1

The whole state is an education campus.

Assalamualaikum to all dear friends, readers and followers. Starting from today, I'll be sharing with you an article entitled KELANTAN - SOUL CAMPUS which I copied from QIADAH, the official corporate magazine of the Kelantan Chief Minister Incorporated or shortly known as PMBK in Kelantan. Let's start today with the first part of the article.

Qiadah, 5th. Edition


As a whole, Kelantan could be seen as an open campus or to be more precise, 'a life-long educational campus', I cannot figure out ig this is the right term or an inappropriate terminology to be used - but what I mean is; one knows any campus has its spatial demarcation. Under the leadership of Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat as the Chief Minister - that is exactly what the whole Kelantan is, it is an 'educational campus'.

Praying before starting his journey to Makkah for umrah. He's still there.

Why do I say that? Firstly, the Chief Minister Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz himself is different from other Chief Ministers - significantly different. Probably due to the fact that he himself has been a Tuan Guru ('Tuan Guru' is a highly respected prestigious religious title bestowed by the masses upon someone for his high religious stature), an ustaz (a religious teacher) and a preacher long before he became a Chief Minister, and as such he has been delivering religious lectures and sermons. Unless he is unavailable due to sickness or has gone out-station, it has since been his daily routine every morning to lead the congregational subuh (early morning) prayers and deliver its post-prayer lectures at 'his' mosque which is attached to his traditional Malay wooden house in Pulau Melaka.
Tok Guru's house in Pulau Melaka
source: Khamleng

In his formal Chief Minister attire.

After his inauguration as a Chief Minister of Kelantan, his lifestyle and daily routines remain unchanged - he remains a Tuan (Tok) Guru, teaching Islamic religious knowledge and preaching at various mosques and suraus (small mosques). His lectures and sermons are not complete without those enriched dosages of pedagogic reminders, the belief in Allah and the duty of Man to heed the well-being and the wellness of his soul in this world and the Hereafter.

The state leaders under Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz.
source: Palestinhood

Tok Guru Nik Abdul Aziz's concept of administration also differs from those of the other state learders. His is based on the 'Kepimpinan Ulama' - a leadership which has paramount anchorage on the belief of the Almighty and the returns of the Hereafter, whilst teh Qur'an and the Sunnah (the Ways) of the Prophet act as its fundamental guidance. This is indeed a new philosophy and direction in the state's administration and development.

source: Miz Jana, FB

Since taking over the leadership of Kelantan on 22nd. October 1990, Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz and his team spearheaded the above changes using the above-mentioned concepts of leadership. To achieve his mission, he embarked on a comprehensive, integrated yet gradual explanatory-training sessions to all concerened. This is to ensure that the public at large would understand what it means to be governed by 'Kepimpinan Ulama'.

What is our reason for saying that the State of Kelantan is an 'educational campus'? We say so because in order to achieve the intention of 'Membangun Bersama Islam' ...
Here when one speaks of education it does not only refer to the form of education which one normally receives in schools. Here education includes extra curricula activities aimed at teaching, moulding, training and disseminating all relevant information to the society at large. The activities include teaching the children Qur'anic reading and the basics of 'Fardhu Ain'; giving lectures and sermons in mosques and suraus to adults and youths; implementing 'praying' campaigns through courses, seminars, forums and others. All these are institutionalized under a department known as 'Dakwah Halaqat'.

... to be continued. 


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