Apr 10, 2010


It's the important day in my life
It's the day my dad proudly say iqamah to my ears
It's the day that I came to this world screaming my heart out
It's the day Allah allowed me for the first time to breath His air
It's the day I was born

But... it's okay

Because since that day I have grown so much
Because since that day Allah has bestow upon me lots of love
Because since that day He has given me so many blessings
Because since that day I have learnt that I am only in transit on this world
Because since that day I know that I have a mission to complete
Because since that day I have matured gradually
Because since that day I realized that real love is only for You
Because since that day I can't force people to love me but I will pray that He does


I am only human, I crave for love
I am an unimportant individual, I look for recognition
I am part of a family, I thirst for appreciation
I am my own person, I wish to be accepted as I am
I am strong willed, I hope to be tamed
I am also weak inside, I silently cry for attention
I am doing my best to be a perfect wife, a filial daughter, an obedient servant of Allah
I am who I am

Whatever I do...

the others will come first
he will be the priority
my own satisfaction depends on the situation

Looks like my expectation is too much
I'm praying for appreciation that was none
no one seems to care
but alhamdulillah he remembers, that's what's important
that makes life meaningful
that makes my day.

Turn to Allah...
... you are the only one for me
Don't leave me alone
Only You remember me... that's my belief.
Thank you for giving me another day and a new year
I will always love You the best I could.

spontaneously by: 
lone ranger, 10 April 2010
world of books

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Anonymous said...

Dear Kakchik :o),
happy,happy,happy birthday sweetgirl <3!May this year all your dreams come true,and may you discover many new dreams for many more years ahead to come true.Allah has blessed you in so many ways and it is really nice that you dedicate Him this great poem.But,you know what,we are also blessed,because we got to know you and be inspired by you :)!
Have a lot,a lot,a lot of sweets today =)!

Salwa said...

Sanah helwa ya kak chik :)
moga sentiasa diberikan kesihatan dan rezeki yang baik serta dipanjangkan usia dan diberkati sentiasa :)

NoR said...

kakchik, u are an april baby...! that means our bdays are in the same month...me too !
Happy Birthday !

kakchik said...

Dear Jasmina, thank you sis for your kind words and du'a. May Allah bless you with lots of love too and I am bless to have you as my friend.

kakchik said...

syukran ya salwa. moga Allah berkati salwa dan keluarga.

kakchik said...

Yes, I am Nor. When will be you b'day sis? If you don't mind to share. Thank you!

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