May 24, 2010

Ordered them but still not arrive yet

Last week I've ordered 2 pieces of niqabs and I butterfly abaya from Saharayusuf's blogshop. The niqabs was posted on Wednesday if I'm not mistaken and they should have reached me today. Hopefully they'll arrive tomorrow.

The niqabs are a one-layer plain type niqab. I try to find a pic from Saharayusuf but to no avail. She only have the pictures of niqabs with a little embellishments. They look nice but I prefer the plain one. If you'd like to buy pretty niqabs such as this:

and this:

you can visit There are more choices there.

And for once in my life, I will try a butterfly abaya custom-made for me by a Malaysian. This is the abaya that I've ordered.

Now, is the time to wait patiently for their arrival. Hopefully they'll arrive this week because Sahara promised me, after the payment is cleared, it will take one week for her to finish making the abaya. So, I'm gonna trust her.

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