May 11, 2010

The waiting is over.

It finally arrived at my door. Safe and sound.

Assalamualaikum and peace.

I haven't posted anything about my new abaya since early this year. It's because I haven't bought any till the middle of last March. I think I've shared the picture of this abaya. It's a birthday present that I cherished so much. Thank you to Allah The Almighty who make this abaya, mine.

As said by a friend of mine, ever since wearing the black abayaat, there are no more feeling of wearing other type of abaya, jubah or jilbab. No more interest in them. Yes, she is correct. Same goes with me. I don't think I'll change to colored abaya except for a few which I get as sample. I need to sample them so that I'll know their pros and cons before promoting them to customers.

Anyway, back to the abaya above, today, I wore it to work! Yes, after asking all the family members whether it looks too flashy or not. Since everyone said that it just look like my usual abaya, I opted to wear it. Everything is great except that the sleeves are a bit disturbing when you have to use lots of hands works. Apart from that, the abaya is just great.

Oh, if anyone interested in ordering the same abaya, the price is RM300 and you can contact me.



Azlin Nurain Hj Adnan said...

salam kak myself adore black abaya very much...really become precious colletion of mine..hope that when i can live on my own i will only wear black abaya...just like u..amin.
p/s:pretty u in this abaya. :)

Nor said...

People, I saw Kak Chik wearing this yesterday...and MasyaAllah!! its SOOOOO beautiful. I was practically drooling...

Asiah yusro said...

kak chik.. very beautifull .. I like!

Zuri@ni said...

Kak Chik, once I read the title of this entry on my blog list, I knew that your lovely abaya have arrived (terer tak instinct Zue, hehehe)

So gorgeous :D

Candice said...

Beautiful abaya!

kakchik said...

wa'alaikummussalam ain. alhamdulillah... I am always happy when someone says that she treasure the abaya that she'd bought from me, just like you. insyaallah when you are more independent you'll be able to buy more abayaat.

thanks for the p/s

kakchik said...

Kak An, looks like I have to wipe all the drool in my office hehe

kakchik said...

Thank you Asiah.

kakchik said...

Zue, your guess is right. I've already wore the abaya on Tuesday, just to test the reaction from people. Alhamdulillah... it's not flashy at all.

Terer Zue.

kakchik said...

Thanks Candice!

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