Jun 4, 2010

Butterfly Abaya + Niqab + Me: Review for Saharayusuf

Assalamualaikum dear friends, visitors, blogwalkers and readers.

As I've promised before that I'm sharing a photo of me wearing my new butterfly abaya which was bought from Saharayusuf's blogshop (find the link under ABAYA). Here I am! This picture was taken tonight before I went to my bookshop. Last week, I already worn this beautiful abaya also to go to my bookshop and someone followed me to ask where I buy it.

Sahara, you better get ready for more orders for this abaya. I am already thinking of helping you promoting it. I love the material. Really. It's a bit heavy especially when the cutting is like that but I feels good wearing it. It looks like a caftan too only that it's much bigger. And who says petite person like me can't wear a butterfly abaya?

Readers, do you think I look odd? Husband said, I look ok. My hectic mind is working, ticking. I might be emailing Sahara again soon. Ohhh... I like this abaya. But ONE THING you need to remember, this abaya is not very practical for office job or if you want to go 'kenduri-kendara' (attending wedding feast).

Another thing that I want to mention is the single layer niqab that I'm wearing. Also bought from Saharayusuf's blogshop. I've bought 2 pieces and Sahara, I tell you what, you really are good sis! Your skills in sewing the niqab is very neat, the material is soft, very breathable, very comfortable and I have been wearing it since the second day they arrived.

Do you think we can deal a business for both items? And... sorry, I have to alter a little bit of the lowest end for both sides of the abaya to make it easier for me to walk. One SUGGESTION, please change the button at the neckline because it's a bit difficult to attach or reattach especially when I'm in a hurry. Maybe you can use a plastic/metal buttons. I think it'd be more sturdy.

Apart from that, Alhamdulillah I like your workmanship. Very neat and the cutting is good. Satisfied. Thank you.


theonekhalil said...

Assalam alaikom sis,

I think your abaya is really pretty! And I don't think you look odd. I have a caftan and so as long as I don't lift my arms, it looks like a normal dress/abaya. I like how the design is simple and yet very elegant

Nor said...

After personally seeing Kak Chik wearing this, I must write here...She looks stunning in it! Totally contradict my preconception that butterfly abayas are only meant for tall lanky ladies.
And Kak Chik, you really should ask somebody to snap a picture of you wearing this from different angle. The one above didnt do justice to the abaya....

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam Asha.
Thank you for your kind words. It will give me more confidence in wearing it. This butterfly abaya need a long sleeve shirt under it so that when I lift my hand, my aurat is still intack. But I like holding a bit of the end like Iranian women hold their chador. Thank you.

kakchik said...

Kak An, thank you for the compliment. I hope you'll be getting in touch with sahara after this. I think you'll look good wearing it too.

lina said...

salam kak chik, First all of i would like to thanks coz sharing your thought …really help out ppl like me looking forward to wear abaya..Insya Allah

kakchik said...

wkslm lina.
you are most welcome sis. insyaallah i'll do my very honest to share my thoughts so that both sides can gain benefits. would you try this kind of abaya?

lina said...

yes i have one..for this abaya i feel like so shy to wear it..but my hubby told me is suitable on me..therefore i still refuses to wear it.... :)

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