Jun 9, 2010

It's easy to say 'Sabar' or be patient...

but it's practically not easy to be patient. Very hard indeed.

Assalamualaikum dear sisters, friends and readers.

Sorry for the 4 days delay in updating this blog. I have been focusing on my other blogs. Lots of events have happened and they concerned other blogs' activities.

Anyway, I always pray and hope that all of you are in good health and doing good in whatever adventure in your life. As for me, my life as a Muslimah has always be fun and most of the time memorable.

Back to the topic above, this morning I reached my office (the Islamic Library) a bit late than usual. On the way here, my patience was tested sorely. Driving on the road of my neighborhood is one way of testing your iman and patience.
There was a car in front of mine driven by a man who maybe thinking that the road is his. He can do whatever he wants. If he feels like he want to swerve to right, it his right. Drivers behind him are not important at all. If he wants to suddenly signaled to the left and easily stop, that's also his right. Huh!

And as the immediate car behind him, I just can't stand it anymore. Feels like I want to horned him on and on. Grrr...  only Allah knows how much I tried to be as patient as I can. Allahu Akbar! That guy really got on my nerve.

After that car stopped somewhere I don't care, I feel so bless because my heart rate goes down to normal again. Alhamdulillah. Then, came another car with a driver just like before but with an attitude. On a two-lane road, he only speeds like 40km/h and he should have been on the first left lane (Malaysian road law) but he chose to be on the right. 

I thought after he cut me he wants to speed but no... no sir. Argh... be patient please... And they say women drivers are bad drivers. Very very bias opinion indeed.

To be sabr is not easy but I try to be as sabr as I can. May Allah help me.


olin said...

Salam Kak Chik,
alhamdulilah it seems u managed to switch off ur anger mode to the sabar mode after all.. fuh..
I dun't think i can managed to do just taht in a jiffy, 'patient' really takes a lot of effort especially in the traffic..
there was a saying by my prof. He said 'sebaik2 manusia, tapi bila di j/raya hilangla segala kebaikan and diuji la segala iman'... i didn't u'stand that phrase b4 but believe me now that I can drive..i cannot agree more:)
hugs and kisses and salam ukhuwah from me kak chik!!

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam Olin.
Yes, alhamdulillah... I can't stay angry for long because I don't want others to be affected.
Usually I kept whispering to myself to be patient and saying the istighfar.
It's true, when a usually patient person were given a chance to drive, the patience can easily be decreased because of all the things above.
Insyaallah both of us are good drivers, right.
Love you sis.

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