Jul 8, 2010

Lunch with dear husband

... most of the time is simple and easy to prepare.

Here are our main menu:

Mushroom and Mix Vege Soup

Fried Egg Budu

I have uploaded their recipes in My Culinary Adventure but they are in Malay. If anyone interested to try, let me know by email ok.


mala said...

salam kakchik, i must try the fried egg budu. a good neighbour gave me a bottle of budu after saw my entry on budu ;) jiran sepakat membawa berkat.

kakchik said...

wkslm mala. yes, give it a try sis. who knows, apart from eating budu like usual, we change it a bit. insyaallah you'll like it.

lina said...

salam kak chik..its fried egg budu..really new thing to me..maybe should try it one day. But i really love to eat Mushroom and Mix Vege Soup.

kakchik said...

wkslm lina. it's also a new recipe for me. i was inspired by a close friend who shared the recipe in her blog. give both a try sis.

Hajar said...

Salams Kak Chik.

Mushroom and vege soup is very common in our household. Can't say the same for budu. How does it taste like???

kakchik said...

Wkslm Hajar.
The soup is delicious kan? That fried egg budu is edible and taste good too. i don't like budu but i ate the FEB. you shld try it.

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