Aug 23, 2010

Have a taste at my Ramadhan menu

Assalamualaikum dear friends.

I wish I have something interesting to post here today then I remember that I haven't write anything about my Ramadhan menus. All simple and easy to make.

Actually I don't have much time to prepare a more interesting and yummy food because my time was a bit pack for teh past three weeks. I was sitting for my final exam and trying to act cool so that I can still be online everyday.

Anyway, the exam has finished yesterday and now I can give more attention to my ibadah, my husband, my job and my business. One of the ibadah that can benefit me a lot as a wife is preparing tasty food for dear husband especially during Ramadhan.

Here are some of the food that I've made:

Sira Roti (I don't know how to call it in English)
Express Fried Rice
Sweet & Sour Scrambled Egg
Fried Mee

Usually we break our fast with 3 dates and we have another sweet food then drink a hot tea or just warm water. Then we pray Maghrib and after than we eat our dinner. Then we either rest and watch the news or reading the Qur'an before we my husband go for Isyak and tarawikh at the mosque.

Most nights I do my Isyak and tarawikh at home and sometimes I accompany my husband to the mosque. But he prefers me to solat at home unless my mom goes with me.

That's my little sharing about some of my simple menus for Ramadhan. Wassalam.


lina said...

salan kak chik not bad ur menu..i like...

umm ruman said...

I've tried your roti sira kak chik and it turned out wonderfully. Tomorrow I'll cook fried mee. Just a simple dish can make our tummy feel very happy.

Have a great Ramadhan ahead kak chik

Melda :o) said...

Assalamu alaikum sis,

your meals look very tasty, masha'allah :o) Thank you for sharing with us!

Nur Azila said...


Blue Pearl said...

Im glad you are over with your exams. Interesting food - looks yummy:)

umm ruman said...

salam kak chik,

Btw, your new blog background is gorgeous..I'm loving it.

kakchik said...

wkslm lina. thank you. It's so simple.

kakchik said...

kak azah, alhamdulillah you like it. i'm making the sira roti again for sahur. i don't think i can eat more rice after the iftaar.

kakchik said...

wa'alaikummussalam melda :o) alhamdulillah they are good but the first one is quite sweet. if you have sweet tooth, you might like it.

kakchik said...

yes they are nur azila.

kakchik said...

dear blue pearl, yes, alhamdulillah. at least one burden is lessen. Kelantanese food are known to be tasty and yummy nationally. if you want to have a taste, you can try making it.

kakchik said...

wkslm kak azah. hahaha... thanks kak. you are really observant.

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