Aug 13, 2010

SunnahStyle's Abayat Is Another Favourite of Mine

Assalamualaikum and Ramadhan Mubarak.

Just to share some news. I've just read that for this Ramadhan, is having a sale and they have so many gorgeous butterfly abayat. Ever since I experienced this abaya, I wanna say that, you have to have these:

Satin Black Butterfly Abaya With Turquoise Trimming
Extra Large Shayla With Black Satin Trimming. Size: 90" x 45"
Silver Star Sleeves Butterfly Abaya
For more interesting offers, let's visit


Adib said...

MashaAllah! I really love the first and second picture. I might even buy one! Not for myself of course but just to save it as a gift for someone. :)

umm ruman said...

Salam kak chik,

Gosh kak chik, I'm so envy of you..:-) You surely have a good taste in abaya's fashion. I've checked the website and as true as you said, all those abayas are marvelous and so beautiful. I did inquired some of those abayas. Hopefully they reply my message asap.

Just want to share something what happened to me last few days. There was this couple of Jemaah Nazir from Kementerian Pendidikan came to my school last Tuesday to observe teachers and discuss few things regarding academic matters and you know what during one of the meeting the lady (Jemaah Nazir) complaint about my appearances saying that I cannot wear jubah in school especially black colour and it is compulsary to wear only baju kurung or kebaya at work. What the heck, she is a Muslim and she dare to say to other muslim who follows sunnah Rasullullah that we cannot wear like this. I rather lost my worldly work rather than sacrifying deeds for Hereafter. How can she said that when the code dressing from Ministry of education clearly stated jubah can be worn as long as it is not strikingly sexy. There are no trace indication teachers cannot wear black jubah.

I think she need to do her homework before complaining about other people. If I were to ask my students to compare the way I dress and her dressing, I bet you my students would definitely pick me.

I was surprise in Malaysia itself a so called a muslim country there are these type of people who really against women with hijab and wear clothing according to sunnah.

Hopefully I pray ALLAH will open her heart to see how beautiful those women who totally submit themselves to sunnah Rasulullah.

M said...


I love the trim on the first one. I've seen a lot of pictures of girls wearing similar designs, and they always look lovely and modest. I really want to get that one, even though I'd be nervous to wear it out in public (abayat, especially overhead ones, are very rarely seen where I live, so I'd get a lot of stares while wearing it).

Anonymous said...

well...unfortunately...the biggest problem with SS is the really poor quality crepe they use. Kuwaiti crepe is this very thin-like extremely thin crepe that in the Gulf is only used for abayaat from the 5 riyal shops (like a Dollar store), it rips and gets holes easily and is not breathable or very comfortable. It also shows the body curves easily as the thicker the crepe, the higher quality it is, and the better comfort and curve hiding ability it will have.

Also, in Saudi...the butterfly was trendy 5 years ago. Nowadays you never see anyone wearing them and they are sold for like $10-$15 in the suqs. The bisht is whats trendy.

One thing I do like about SS is, they do have a higher quality line using silk and if your going to buy from them, buy a higher quality one.

I ordered from them 2 times the year before going to Saudi so I do know what Im talking about.

kakchik said...

Adib, mind if I ask. Are you married? It would be nice to give the abaya as a gift to your special one aka mother @ wife @ sister

kakchik said...

Wkslm kak azah. I'm blushing reading your comment. You are too generous with the praise sis. I'm not that good yet. Anyway, I hope by now the have already send you a feedback for your queries.
For the patience-challenging experience with the nazir, I think this is a good enough summary - "I think she need to do her homework before complaining about other people. If I were to ask my students to compare the way I dress and her dressing, I bet you my students would definitely pick me."
Don't be surprise kak, there are still so many muslim women in Malaysia who have that kind of attitude toward our type of clothing. Just look at those in SIS.
I hope so too kak. May Allah strengthen our imaan and oper her heart to cover her aurah properly.

kakchik said...

Wkslm M.
Is there many muslim over there? Maybe in non-Muslims country wearing all black might be a bit like attention grabber but in a country where there are so many Muslims like mine, people only pay you more attention at the earlier stage of wearing it then they'll won't mind. I've never seen anyone wearing overhead here either even though 98% of the population is Muslims.

kakchik said...

Thank you Umm Ibrahim for the feedback. Actually I was kind of waiting for you to comment because I know You've bought some abayat from SunnahStyle. So, this is very informative.
Is that means butterfly abaya and bisht is a different type of abaya? I thought it was the same.
Thank you again sis.

BTW, how's life back in America?

Rohani Ahmad said...

Salam everyone and esp kak chik, i am new to this group.
Umm Ruman, i am not surprised u get that kind of negative attitude from the lady nazir and a muslim one. Actually, its kind of sad to see ppl in our country who claim themselves as muslims but somehow fail to understand the muslim dress code.A few weeks ago, i tested wearing niqab in public and went to one of the mall in PJ. Suprisingly, the lady at one of the shops who was a chinese non muslim treated me very well. She didnt care at all the fact that i was on niqab and did business as usual. Its the malay muslims who were staring at me and macam tk nak layan aje.
Well, i don't understand, isn't jubah is kind of elegant?? and black is an elegant color..dont u all think so??
I rasa, that nazir must not only check her facts on muslim dress code but on fashion as well!
Kak chik...the first pic tu sngat la menarik and cantik jubahnya...

Adib said...

Not married yet, nor do I have a sister. I do have my mother with me, but I'm not sure whether she'd like it. I try to show her the design here but she only looked for a few seconds before continuing her errands. I prefer her to wear this rather than her shoulder length hijab. What use wearing it if it doesn't serve it's true purpose?

mzack said...

Assallammuallaikum, I have a funny feeling I am in a ladies forum but I think the ladies are as important in the Dakwah movement although they must always be guided by the menfolk (alas not many men are capable of guiding the ladies nowadays). Okay; back to the reason for my posting a comment specifically to Umm Ruman. Well I sympathise with what you had faced with the jemaah nazir. I am a Male age 50, of course Muslim (alhamdulillah) unfortunately for most of my adult life I had not been a devout muslim. I dont gamble, drink or womanize but I do not perform my prayer regularly. Anyway; I started wearing the Jubah 3 years ago, shaved my moustache, kept a long beard and wore the Guy Liner (of course bought at the Sri Petaling Masjid). I had been labelled as gay, extremist and many more at the office. Mind you; my Managing Director is a Muslim. But have to persevere in the name of Allah. As for the comment from the Jemaah Nazir - that's normal since in general the malays always think that Islam is theirs and feel very comfortable with their personal level of practicing Islam. They always think - No need to better one self in the amal ibadahs. My advice - soldier on, Insyaallah, your patience shall be rewarded. My salam to Kak Cik.

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