Sep 15, 2010

When a customer said she's satisfied...

I know she mean it.

An abaya makes a lady.
This days whenever I go out to town my eyes will always be alert at anything resembles an abaya. I just can't stop looking when I saw a woman wearing an abaya. Inside my head, all this kind of questions tumbling among each other:
  • where did she buy it?
  • who sell it?
  • is that the same one that I sell at my blogshop?
  • how much is it?
and on and on...

What an elegant lady.
After Eid, I was a bit lazy to update my blogs and the long holiday with so many weddings and open house invitations makes me more lazy. But I am still alert when I spot a lady in an abaya hehe.

That's just me.


umm ruman said...

You always looked gorgeous kak chik, beauty only certain people can appreciate and understand.

kakchik said...

Thanks kak azah. I don't deserve the compliment kak because all is Allah's gifts. You are beautiful too.

Violet2Bloom said...


I understand you mean. I do the same thing. If you think beautiful women turn men's head, women in abaya turn my head. What goes on in my head would be... Wow! Subhanallah! I want it! I want it! I want it!

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