Oct 20, 2010

What I wore to work today?

Assalamualaikum and good afternoon everyone.

Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for giving me back my healthy body. I was a bit sick since Monday afternoon and was resting at home yesterday. Insyaallah I'm now at my office trying to do some accounts. I am glad that I can come to work. If not I might have a big load of files on my table by this Saturday. Of course I do not want that, so here I am taking a little rest from the spreadsheet.

This morning when I was getting ready, I was looking at my abayaat in the wardrobe and this thought came to my mind, "Let's wear something that can make you feel full of energy. Yes, let's wear something that have red on it." And I choose the red on black abaya aisyah to wear.

Photo was taken on 1st. Oct during Health Carnival.

Well, I don't have time to snap any photo but you can see what I look like from the photo above. Same style but not the same bag. This time I carry another bag, that match my abaya.

My Rorine handbag.

To boost more confidence, I comforted my feet with this comfortable Verse ankle booties.

And here is a Polyvore's set that I've created for today's look.
(opps, sorry. Looks like the internet connection here is not very strong to let me login to my Polyvore account. I'll paste later.)

I love simple but I love being elegant too. It's not for show but for my own personal satisfaction in following the sunnah. Maybe not the boots.

Notes: The first photo is curtsy of Shafa of USM.


Blue Pearl said...

what a lovely photo - you all look fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Salam Kakchik :),
I find this abaya so nice.It really is very elegant.And the bag...oh wow...I wish I had one just like that :).Your're right,the boots look so comfortable yet fashionable.
Compliments :)!

kakchik said...

thank you blue pearl.

kakchik said...

Wkslm Jasmina. Thank you my friend. Indeed it is one of my best abaya. If you're close by, I'm sure I'll give you that bag. I wish I'm rich so that it'll be easy for me to send gifts abroad.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kakchik,my dear :) you're so sweet.Don't worry it's already nice if we can share some ideas on here.You know,you always inspire me.
Mwah,mwah,mwah :)!

kakchik said...

Thanks you Jasmina. You are sweet too sis.

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