Nov 19, 2010

She Inpires Me: Amal Murad

Assalamualaikum, Jumu'ah Mubarak and Eid Mubarak!

Alhamdulillah for the blessings that Allah has bestow upon me. There are lots of things that I truly feel grateful especially when it's Jumu'ah morning. It's great to breathe the morning air of Jumu'ah which always make me feel so thankful and wonderful. Thank you Allah for giving me another day on this world. Insyaallah I'll fulfill it with many good deeds.

As I was doing my morning routine which consist of boiling water, prepare our breakfast, checking the emails and messages on facebook, I login to youtube and look for 'abaya'. As usual when I watched videos about abaya, my mind keep going to Ms. Amal Murad, the famous abaya designer.

I just couldn't resist looking after her facebook profile which I'm still on her 'awaiting friend conformation' list but I can still look at the photos in her albums. And please forgive me Ms Amal, because I've copied this gorgeous photo of you.

Simply beautiful, both the designer and the abaya.

You always inpires me. I'm so thankful that in the fashion world, there is someone like you who creates so many modest, elegant, beautiful and gorgeous abayaat. I'm not a designer but I love wearing abaya and make lots of abaya style ideas because I believe, we can still be elegant and modest at the same time. 

More important, as a Muslim woman, I really want others to see that Islam does not restrict it's believers from being beautiful as long as they follow the correct Islamic dress code. Ahem, I wish you would cover more of the chest area but who am I to say so? Only my du'as are for you.

Thank you Amal Murad for being who you are in the fashion world!


lina said...

you are right kak chik, i like it too

nazliahnazeer said...

mashaAllah.cantik la dia kakchik. abaya tu pun cantik sgt. nanti naz pun nak add dia kt fb lah.

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