Jan 8, 2011

When a niqabi talks about fashion.

Assalamualaikum dear friends and readers.

I was not planning to update this blog yet but from nowhere, the idea came for me to say something about the topic above. I know, I might be one in a thousand people out there who's a niqabi and talking about fashion in her blog. I know a few niqabi friends who observe fashion just like other women, only that we observed and try to sort out which one is suitable for us, muslim women.

The most important consideration is, we can choose to be fashionable but with caution. What I mean is everything I put on my body should make me feel beautiful in front of Allah, my husband and myself. If others think the clothes I'm wearing are beautiful too, alhamdulillah and I hope they can wear the same clothes too. 

I call this fashionable. 

I like fashion and I also like beautiful clothes and things. It does not mean that when you are a niqabi and you wear black almost everyday you can't like fashion. Who says you can't? In my dictionary, fashion is part of my daily life. It's very important for me to be fashionable in an Islamic way. Modest, stylish, elegant and makes me feel great with myself.

In my opinion, when you like the clothes that you are wearing, you know that the clothes are following the Islamic dress code, you wear it cleanly, tidily and smartly, all these thing combined together make me feel great to face the world. At the same time it makes me happy that my clothes have inspired others to change for the best. I'm not saying I'm better than others but this confidence in presenting myself as a niqabi with a career and two businesses also came from the way I am dressed.

I'm comfortable like this.

There are fashion and there are fashion. Choose the one that can help Islam. The choice is in our hands and with knowledge and experience we can present ourself as an elegant niqabi fashionista (can I use that word?). Always be modest but not over the top and do not be too extreme. 



Zee said...

Salam Alaikom Kakchik,
Been on your site several times but commenting for the first time. Mashallah I love your style and modesty. May Allah Bless you always. Love your post above a lot. I got some free time on my hands and was browsing several websites in the past couple of weeks. I am shocked, more so appalled by the number of blogs and websites run by young girls and women in the name of hijabi fashion. I hope somebody guides these girls or at least they stop promoting what they are wearing as hijab. They can just term it as personal style. I hope they understand that it is not ISLAMIC to post tutorials on various types of makeup and several pictures of their daily attire as modern hijabi. What is this modern hijabi I fail to understand.
I pray for all of us to be led on the right path Inshallah.

Anonymous said...

I agree :-)

BTW, if I may ask, kakchik where do you work that you can wear niqab?

hannah said...

Salam alaykum sister,

Like the first commenter (Zee) said, I really love your truly modest dressing style! You always look beautifully and (most importantly) fully covered.

Blue Pearl said...

To me, you are an elegant niqabi fashionista. Love your style

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