Feb 10, 2011

Best Photo Ever

Assalamualaikum dear friends and readers.

I believe all of us have a pile of photos taken and kept somewhere safe for us to have a look again and again. Same goes with me. I love going through my photo albums be it in a real life photo album or online. Those photos have captured many important moments in my life.

I call them my life history in pictures. Well, not really every part of my life history till now but ever since I have a digicam I've photographed lots of things and most of them involved my family. Looking at each photo always reminds me of the story of that day.

And among all them, I like this photo the best,

Beloved Hubby and his favorite niece, clever Amni.

I know mu husband also love this photo very much. It was taken 2 years ago when Amni was only one and half years old. I took lots of photos during their chat and this one came out the best because of the feeling and the bond between this two person that I love.

Oh, this makes me cry. I know my husband really misses Amni this days. He's working full time and Amni is already in kindergarten. Just now I saw him looking at this photo and he said, "I miss her". Yes, me too. 

Where's the tissue?


lina said...

salam kak chik - betul kadang- kala bila kita tengok balik gambar2 lama pasti ada airmata mengalir tanpa di pinta kan....hanya ALLAH saja yg tahu.

kakchik said...

wkslm lina. gambar mempunyai kenangan tersendiri. nostalgia mengusik jiwa. tu yang mudah je nak nangis tu.

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