Feb 4, 2011

A Drama Crazy Holiday

Assalamualaikum dan Jum'ah Mubarak.

It has been quite several days already after my last post. I was having quite a busy schedule for two projects concerning my businesses. So many things have happened during these few days and I seem to have not enough time to write anything here.

Anyway, I'm enjoying my Chinese New Year's holiday right now. Oh, Gong Xi Ni to all my Chinese friends especially Kak Aliya and Adawiah. 

So.... I've been pampering myself with doing nothing important since yesterday. Staying at home and lazing around watching Korean Dramas online. I have not done this for such a long time and yesterday to amuse myself alone since Hubby was working, I watched 2 dramas.

Really drama crazy for a day. People would say I'm wasting my time but no... I'm not. I do house chores while doing that. 

Enough with the dramas and I need to do constructive things after this. What would you suggest I do for the next 2 days? Apart from shopping.

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