Mar 7, 2011

Sharing: The Nakedness of Muslim Women


Wear a proper dress to cover your awrah. Photo is just an example.

Satan was created to tempt and mislead the Ummah of Muhammad (s.a.w.). It began the moment he (Satan) was expelled from Paradise. His unfinished duty is to mislead mankind right up to the Day of Judgement. In tempting mankind, Satan makes use of all kinds of approaches which he uses. By making use of human desire, which no doubt is inclined towards bad and evil conduct. Satan seems to know our inclinations and does his very best to make sure that mankind leaves the boundary that has been established by Allah, which includes the “hijab” or Muslim woman´s attire.

Allah has stated that women can attain entry easily into both heaven and hell. As a result of this, Satan enjoys tempting women. This is because women possess nine parts of desire and one part of intelligence. Beginning with the smallest of things to the biggest of sins, Satan undertakes to tempt them.

It begins with the abandoning of the “hijab”. At this level, Satan whispers to women that whatever clothing, including the “hijab”, it has no relationship with religion, as it is only a matter of clothing or ornament to women. As such, there is no clothing according to Shari´ah in whatever forms except that it is clothing. Just how does Satan go about organizing his strategy to cause Muslim women to abandon their “hijab”?

The first step is to expose their hands. As we all know that palms of the hands are already exposed, so Satan whispers to women that there is some form of improvement, meaning to open up the arm right to the elbow. “Ah, there is nothing wrong with that, after all you are still wearing the “jilbab” (garment covering the base of the neck) as well as wearing a gown?” Thus whispers Satan, and it is true that in the end women will end up wearing something new which exposes the arms. And it is also a fact that men look upon it as something normal. Thus Satan whispers, “I told you nothing would happen?”

The second phase is to get the chest and neck exposed a little but how? It begins by wearing something fashionable and new, where a little of the neck and chest is exposed through the “V” neckline. The argument is that it provides some air circulation and does not cause one to feel hot. Satan says, “Try it! No one is going to bother, because only a small section does it.”

What is even more interesting is the term “wearing clothes but still naked”. In an attempt to follow current trends the argument is to always look “cool”. Satan will provide ideas so that one will purchase cloth that is flimsy, and to make a tight fitting dress following the contours of the body, so that one looks more attractive and beautiful to the eyes. Thus do women become tempted to seek tight fitting flimsy clothing which is also transparent. “Most probably there will be no problem with it because the dress is still lengthy, the difference is only the fashion, and at least one looks feminine,” so goes the justification. In the end it becomes a trend amongst Muslim women, and with each passing day, the tighter and transparent the dress becomes, thus fulfilling the Prophet´s statement where he said, “Women with clothing are naked”.

After that Satan tempts women to open up a part of their clothing, which is tight so more can be seen and to look even more “cool” and “vogue”. This is easily done by whispering in their hearts, “Wear such clothes makes it difficult to walk or sit, its too tight, however, if a slit is made from the foot to the knee, or near towards the thigh, it must surely be easy and nice.” The idea is made practical, and no doubt, through such an act it has made the garment more comfortable and spacious, especially when sitting or getting into a car. As if to say that there is nothing wrong in seeing a little, what is important is our happiness!

This is how Satan desires to bring about nakedness in Muslim women. However, he is not content with that and prepares new strategies. The theory that is used is to “make every approach lawful”. If just now it was temptation to slit one´s clothing, now it is more advanced, to expose one´s self right up to the thigh. Satan is indeed pleased at the sight of such, when Muslim women follow him. This is further strengthened by the statement that such clothing is far more easily available in comparison to clothing that covers the whole body. As such, it becomes common to see part of a woman´s calf wherever you go.

One wonders whether a women reflects upon this? Does not such clothing lead to slander amongst the descendents of Adam? The response of Satan is, “Ah…that was ages ago, today, men like looking at women more exposed in their apparel.” Men in turn will only goggle at the sight and say, “ooh” or “wow”. Is this not the fashion of the night market or established shopping mall that promotes such clothing to women in accordance with the time.” Thus does such clothing become normal so much so that there is no one to question it anymore.

The final step before Satan celebrates his glorious success is to make the clothing of a Muslim woman into a mini. What this means is that everything become short, tight and in simple terms “cool, vogue, trendy, modern etc”. Once that form of clothing becomes a daily event and is considered normal, Satan will then whisper something else. “Apparel needs to possess variations, don´t only wear the same thing. Now it´s the mini-skirt, which also requires that the hair is exposed, so that it looks beautiful.”

In this way the mini skirt, where the thigh downwards can be seen, is worn with a variety of blouses, some of which expose the arms, expose the chest and the whole buttocks. Apparel collections come in all kind of trends, some are for festive occasions, social events, for work, official events etc, not overlooking very short trousers, colourful fashionable hairdos, they all have been tried. Such is the situation where something begins as being rather odd to be performed, but becomes acknowledged if it has been beautified by Satan, and which then becomes accepted by mankind.

In the past there was this idea to swim in a swimming pool or at the seaside, where all women only cover two parts of their body, namely their busts and their private part. Everyone knows what a “bikini” is, thus fulfilling the goal mentioned earlier of witnessing “women in the state of nakedness”.

Such is the fineness of approach applied by Satan, thus causing mankind to fall into his trap without them being conscious of it. Therefore it becomes the responsibility of all Muslims to develop firmness of Iman so as to be free from such temptations. Do not allow indefinitely such because if you do so and allow it to become normal, that which is serious will become difficult to overcome. To permit them to expose themselves in such a manner means to willingly allow them to incur the wrath of Allah. Pity them, save these Muslim women, do not ensnare them towards destruction which is full of torment, be it in this world or in the hereafter.

Source: YADIM


nina said...

assalaamu aleykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, sister! i just wanted to tell you that u inspire me so much with your posts and your style. this post is just one example of real knowledge of hijab. i love that there is sisters out there that blog about real hijab and covering the whole awrah and still be fabulous :) love u for the sake of allah :)

Halima said...

Asalaamu aleikum-

I completely agree with Nina- that's why I continue to read your blog when I have abandoned those of so may others who have forsaken the commandments of Allah SWT for the dictates of fashion. Keep up the good work, inshallah!

chik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam warahmatullah wabarakatuh nina. Shukran jazilan dear sister for the compliment. All thanks to Allah who has allowed me to share. I'm really glad that you love this blog's contents and hopefully you won't be disappointed. Thanks again sister. Let's share the responsibility of encouraging others to understand the meaning of hijab.

chik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam Halima.
Jazakillahi khairan kathira sis. May Allah bless you. Insyaallah I'll try my best to always share good info and knowledge about life as a Muslim.

Hajar said...

Assalamualaikum Kak Chik.

I haven't been able to read much recently, so it helps to be reminded every now and then. As such, thanks a lot for sharing this insightful article. May many others benefit from it too. :)

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