Mar 6, 2011

Thinking of Migrating


It has been a year since I have my own domain name but it has not been fully utilized which makes me feel that I have wasted my money for it.

Yesterday, a notice arrived in my email box to renew the registration in order for me to maintain the ownership of the domain name. Hmm... I'm a dilemma.

Maybe I should migrate this blog to that domain.

Do you think KakChik's Wardrobe will be good without blogspot in the URL?

Simple Style for yesterday.

See ya.


athirahariffin said...

salam kak chik..boleh trah tahu selendang yang kak chik pakai ni kak chik beli kat mana ye? is it around kb area? i've been interested in wearing selendang, but didnt manage to find the big one..

shazwina said...

Assalam Kak Chik, saya pun nak tahu akak beli selendang tu dari mana.. Susah nak cari selendang besar kat shah alam.. =)

kakchik said...

wkslm trah. pashmina ini datangnya dr Korea. Dibeli oleh kawan baik semasa beliau ke sana tahun lepas. previously I can get many supplies from a few hijab stores around KB but this year, they are none to be seen.

kakchik said...

Wkslm shazwina. Pls read my answer for athirah. I still have a few pashmina in my blogshop, Abaya Elegan but the colours are limited.

Blue Pearl said...

does not matter to me as long as the content and the author dont change:)

kakchik said...

Thanks dear Blue Pearl for your feedback. Insyaallah the content and the author will be the same hehe.

aNNe bOo said...

yes k.chik u shud buy domain. follower ramai hee... so i gues ur blog its quite famous. nway.. love everything tat u wear!~ amazing!

kakchik said...

Thanks anne for your opinion. Alhamdulillah to all the lovely followers because they make me responsible for this blog. It's not that famous but it's doing ok hehe. And thanks for the compliment sis.

ps: I've dropped by your blog and saw your photos wearing abaya. both you and 'justin' look nice.

shazwina said...

Assalam Kak Chik, maaf ganggu lagi =) Kalau Kak Chik x keberatan, boleh tolong tanyakan kawan kak Chik di korea di mana die beli pashmina tu? =) Saya akan ke sana bulan 7 ni, backpacking 3 minggu..

Nurfarahin Shamsudin said...

assalamualaikum kak chik. Saya Farah. One of your silent reader. hehe.. nak tanya Kak Chik, camano Kak Chik lilit shawl tu bg nampak labuh?

Go.. Go.. Kak Chik!!!

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