Dec 26, 2008

Highlight 1: Muslimah Wear

Salam my friends. As I've promised to someone before that I'm going to feature or highlight certain online blog that blogs about Muslimah fashion or selling Muslimah clothing items online, so this is it. Previously I've done the first one about HRA Enterprise and today I've chosen this blog, MUSLIMAH WEAR by Farah. I don't think she knows that I'm going to promote her blog... hehehe.

I'm hoping that she'll be okay with this. Ok... let's see what we can find in her online store.

This is the 'main entrance' of her store... quite simple but complete with important infos regarding making online purchases. That's her in the small picture there.

You can find this kind of tudung @ hijab @ jilbab in her store. She called this kind of tudung, Tudung Syria. Maybe they're originated from Syria. It looks easy to wear and the material is light, from the look of it.

A model is wearing one of the tudung. I don't know how long the length of the tudung but to check it out you can just drop by her blog, the link is on the first image on top.

Ah... this one is cute. Children or adult, this Tudung Syria is available for all and the price is reasonable too. Just RM18 a piece and if you convert that into $, I think it's still cheap.

Anyone interested? Do visit her blog.


Sasha said...

Salam Ma'al Hijrah utk Kakchik sekeluarga... semoga impian utk tahun baru ini tercapai dan hidup dilimpahi keberkatan sepanjang tahun.

p/s:shoutbox kakchik kekadang ada problem skit... x kuar langsung... atau sha punya pc yg problem... hmm??

Hajar said...


Selamat Ma'al Hijrah buat Kakchik sekeluarga. Honestly, I never know the types @ names of tudung we have here. There are just so many. Kebelakangan ni selalu nampak tudung yang dipanggil tudung syria ni. Nampak macam tudung yang pelakon2 sinetron pakai.


kakchik said...

Sha, Salam Maal Hijrah untuk Sha juga dan trm ksh byk2. Entah knp dgn shoutbox tu, dah cuba cek, nmpk mcm dh ok dh.

kakchik said...

Hajar, wa'alaikumsalam.
Salam Maal Hijrah kembali. Yg pasal jenis tudung ni, KakChik pun sama juga, sebab kita tahu style tdg kita je dah krg minat nak ambik tahu psl mcm2 nama tudung ni. Anyway, when you make friends you tend to get to know them from their interests /business /writing styles so dapatlah serba sedikit tambahan info.
Zmn skrg ni rmi suka pakai tdg jenis syria ni lebih2 slps ekin memakainya. Tak kisahlah, janji, kita pakai tudung yang kita paling suka & paling selesa mengikut syariat Islam.

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