Jan 3, 2009

I Hate Them.

Saw this on the front page of a today's newspaper.

Allahu Akbar!

Khaibar! Khaibar! Ya Yahud!

Jaishu Muhammad Saufa Ya'uud!


Sasha said...

nantikan pembalasan yg maha dasyat dr Allah utk kafir2 yahudi... I can't look at this... feel so sad & mad at the same time...

kakchik said...

Yes, Sha. That's why I hate them. Just call them Israel Laknatullah.

NiDa said...

me too sis I HATE THEM from the bottom of my heart! :(

kakchik said...

NiDa, let's pray together for our sisters & brothers in Palestine and may Allah wipe out Israel from this earth.

ipv6 said...

not all Jews is evil.Banyak jugok ha'k yang bagus tapi this people is not majority, not holding power, this not shaping the Jewish state and thier policy. They are peace lower as much as an average muslim do.Its Zionist and the right-wings nutt lah.

Jangan lah dok carpet bombing all the Jewish community suruh mapus keras belaka.Change it to zionism okay?

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