Jan 2, 2009

Social Responsibilities as Part of My Deen

Salam everyone. This is nothing about fashion but only a sharing about how I try to do my part as a Muslim in my homeland, Kelantan.

I was involved in the celebration of Maal Hijrah and New Year for the state government pick events which were the 2009 Countdown Event and the We Are Brothers Campaign. I'm a media person that need to do some reporting, recording and taking pictures for the events. This is only my voluntary work as part of my amanah to our deen.

Checking the stalls outside of the Stadium during an afternoon session with the local youths.

The Islamic State Government would like to do something different as an alternative for our youths to celebrate the coming of a new year. We want them to celebrate Islamically. That's what we hope and alhamdulillah, personally I think, the events were successful.

As we reached 12.00 am of 1st. Jan 2009, adzan was loudly called out by a famous ustaz in the middle of our state stadium. Before that, we do the salawatun nabi together with the famous nasyeed group, Rabbani.

I was testing my 'magic' digicam before the event started.
This is during the We Are Brothers Campaign at KB Mall, Kota Bharu.

The VIPs. All of them wearing 'baju kurung' except for the one with the green mafla.

Giving out pamphlets, buttons, stickers and brochures to anyone that walked nearby the open stage.

This campaign is basically an approach to make all races in our country as brothers although from different beliefs. We are a multi-racial country and in Kelantan alone we have 4 main races which are Malays, Chinese, Indian and Siamese.

If you'd like to watch the short videos on the countdown events, please go here: KeluargakuSayang


*~Ange~* said...

you look so cute in niqab!

kakchik said...

ah... you make me feel shy, anyway, thanks sis

Sasha said...

bestnya dapat beramal...

kakchik said...

Let's join us Sha. You'll be surprise of how much you'll like it. Being close to the community and try our best to give the correct message of brotherhood in Islam.

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