Jan 10, 2009

Lectures, Speech, Launch, Demo, Doa and Meeting a Friend

Salam everyone. Just a short sharing. Yesterday, I attended a demonstration at the city capital of my state. FYI it was aired last night on the local tv channel. I'd like to share some photos during the demo.

As usual, we have 2 lectures starting from 8 am until 10.30 presented by our Chief Minister and the Speaker of the State Government. Alhamdulillah, the lectures were so good and inspiring. Both of them talked about our responsibilities to help each others especially now, our brothers & sisters in Palestine need of our help.

After the lecture, a few of the local leaders gave their speech on Palestine and later on the Chief Minister launched the Palestine Humanitarian Fund and they called for everyone to sign on a mission to go to Palestine. Alhamdulillah the reception is good. Then the fire was lighted and two replicas of Bush and an Israel leader (I can't see the face) were burnt with a few Israel and America's flags.

This is a short recording of what happened at the demo yesterday.

Sigh... people were crying while we 'ameen'ed the doa and I have to be busy recording and taking pictures of the situation for my organization. Hopefully all of us gained some momentum from this demo.

KiTTuN and Me

After all the spiritual enforcement, everyone dispersed and I decided to visit an online blogger friend, KiTTuN at her shop. Here is a picture of us at her shop, D'Sarah Boutique. She's a batik entrepreneur and I can say that her business is quite good. KiTTuN really loves animals especially cats and dogs. Her blog link is already at my KELANTANESE NIQABIS list. Give her a visit.


p/s: Look at our different style of niqaab.


Sasha said...

I always love seeing women in niqab... I wish to be like you wearing the niqab... but i'm sooo stuck with wearing makeup coz i love playing with the colors... i envy you... maybe someday... InsyaAllah...

kakchik said...

Insya-Allah, if you really wish for it along with a consistent efforts, I believe you can be like us. It's just that wearing niqab is not fard but it is a kind of self sacrifice to be closer to Allah. I saw a few niqabi sisters wearing makeup too. As for me, it's ok to be all deck out under your niqab as long as only women, your husband and immediate family members can see. As for me, I just wear a little makeup, a kohl (seldom) and a lip gloss, that's all.

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