Jan 11, 2009

Love Their Style

I don't know about you but I really love their hijab style. The above pic: She looks really elegant with the layered hijab and minimal make up.

This one is just sweet. Green is one of my favourite colour and the way she tied her hijab looks like she doesn't need any pins. Simple, tidy yet covers perfectly.


Majda said...

I like the first one better but both are pretty. Green just isn't one of my favorite colors and I love lace.. :P

I wonder how the first girl wrapped it.

kakchik said...

Yes Majda, the 1st one is better but I also don't know how she do it. I thinks her style is Khaleeji's style.

Hajar said...


O-hey. 2nd style is how I normally does when I'm in a rush @ feeling lazy. And yeap, no pins. :) 1st one looks complicated.


kakchik said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Hajar.
I've tried to wrap my hijab like the 2nd one but ... can't do it. It looks kind of easy but I can't do it.

Yes, the 1st one would be time consuming to wear.

Hajar said...

That's exactly what my sister says. She's like, how on earth do you keep it firmly wrapped! Guess some things that are easy for me, are seemingly tough for others & vice versa.

kakchik said...

Yes, you are right. A few friends have tried to imitate my hijab style (the one I use to wrap around and make a niqab from it too) and they said, it's complicated yet I think it's so easy.

Hajar said...

Well, each person have their preferences. I'm all out for the broochless styles. :)

kakchik said...

Then you are safe from spending money on pins.

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