Jan 11, 2009

I've been tagged by Hajar!

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning everyone.

It looks bright and lovely outside while I'm shivering inside this office since 9 this morning. Alhamdulillah, it's another beautiful day. However, deep inside my heart I silently pray for Palestine. Although people keep saying, "enough is enough" to Israel, nevertheless the horror towards Palestinians is still going on. The Regime maybe doesn't have any ears to listen to the World's plea. They are one stubborn and cruel hyenas. And here I'm praying to Allah Subhanahuwata'ala for the Palestinian's (Muslims & non-Muslims) peace, if not on this world then in the Hereafter.

Alright. What I'm actually trying to share is that dear Hajar of A Voice In The Clouds has tagged me a few days ago. Oh, dear. This tagging game really has become a part of our blogger's world and you like it or not, just try to cooperate. I know, some people would say, just ignore it if you don't like it. Well, after all this is a game to bring us closer. And I'd like to be a good friend as long as the tag is not something 'lagho' or wicked.

Let's see what the rules are:
  • first list 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep!
  • pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap.
Hmm... 10 honest things about me... mmm...
  1. I'm a Muslim and love being a Muslim and I'm really proud that I'm doing my best to fulfill my 'amanah' as His humble servant. I've devided my time to 5 important aspects of being a wife, a manegeress, a student, a religious activist and an entrepreneur. I know many people out there are doing more than me, well that's all that I can do now. Maybe it'll be different when I have a baby.
  2. One thing that I need to do everyday is reading. I read Quran twice a day, insya-Allah after Maghrib and after Subuh. And apart from the Quran, I read books, lots of books. Maybe that's why Allah has granted me with a job at a library and blessed me with some energy to open up a specialty bookshop. Alhamdulillah.
  3. I'm not a good listener because I'm a talker. That's why my husband listens and I talk but after 2 years of marriage, he talks and I listen. And I've been listening for almost 5 years now. Hahaha...
  4. I love food especially my Ummi's cooking. Kelantanese has a variety of food and whoever pay a visit to our local food markets would be mesmerized by the colourful arrays of food (dishes) with so many different taste although most would be custamaryly sweet. For those who have sweet tooth, this would be heaven. And I love baking bread and pizzas for my family and friends although I'm not much of an eater.
  5. I think I'm friendly. Hehehe... don't laugh at me for being obvious. However, I do believe it's true. I leave that for you to judge.
  6. I'm probably a blogger addict - I'll online starting at usually 6.30 am and my laptop will only be off sometime after midnight. So... how long was that? Argh... my back site. It's killing me right now.
  7. I started wearing niqaab at the age of 22 during the first week of Ramadhan when I was in 2nd year at the University. Still remember the trials of wearing it in the university's compound, it's against the rule. You can wear short short skirts or shorts but you can't wear niqaab. Heh, I know... I usually take off the niqaab when I'm in class.
  8. I'm not a good money manager. I don't know how to be thrifty when I'm in front of a bookstore or a shoes store or a bags store. That's why I limit my visit to shopping malls to thrice a month. Twice for buying groceries and once for leisure.
  9. I love black, purple, red and green. If you open up my wardrobe your eyes will be blinded by these colours and I only have one blue 'jubah', a gift from my sister's trip to Bandung.
  10. I wish I'm taller. My height now is only 150 cm, a typical Malay height but I still think it's too short. Because of my height and size, I was nickname 'budak kechik' or small kid that later on was shorten to be CHIK and all this started when I was in Standard One (7 years old) in 1981. And look what happen to me? I'm always 'kechik'.
Ah... finish!
Now, let's see who's going to be receiving my tag. Upon looking at my list at the sidebar, I'm dreadfully passing this tag to:
I think I can't find 7 receivers because the others have already done it. Hopefully my friends will participate.

Hajar, I think I'm finish. Not very interesting right? I'm a boring person.


NiDa said...

aww mashaAllah you ARE sweet sis :D! Oh i like making bread too once in a while lol, and I confess I think i'vebecome a blogger-addict too lol! You're too cute :D

kakchik said...

NiDa, it looks like I have a blogger friend and also a blogger-addict.
Welcome to the club sis.

Sasha said...

Oh man!! I'm in the list?... I just came here to read... I'm enjoying it... n suddenly saw my name down here... huhuhu...

InsyaAllah... I will respond 2 tis tag soooon... kikiki...

p/s: KakChik... I think u r a fun person...& super cute too....

kakchik said...

Sasha - don't be angry ok. I forgot to leave a message about this tag on your blog.

And, thanks.

Nurhidayaty Binti Maidin said...

al hadmulilah kak chik..

Sambutan hangat.Penuh org.Ada yang terpaksa tunggu di luar booth untuk masuk sebab padat sampai tak boleh bernafas.dah jadi macam sauna.Booth kecik je..10x10.

Tapi yang best..kita pecahkan market tshirt-tshirt pendek di pkns shah alam.Mudahan customer kita memahami mesej yang ingin di sampaikan.

At the same time,, masa menjual ada seisi penerangan tentang Gaza.

10% dari jualan hijab dan jubah aka

♥miss zaza♥ said...

salam kak chik,
mekaseh tag saya =)

im done!

Hajar said...

Assalamualaikum Kak Chik,

Masha'Allah, that's one magnificent list! ^^ Utterly honest in each point. Ahh yeah, Kelantanese food. Haven't had that in years yet the sweetness has yet to disappear. 150cm is typical? Serious? I always thought I'm short. Guess I'm wrong. :)


kakchik said...

Hehehe... I'm short la Hajar and most Malay women are between 150 - 157cm (just my assumption), so where would you be?

And... please come for a visit and I'll be delighted to show a different kind of Kelantan, my kind.

Hajar said...

Slightly taller than 157cm. ^^ But amid my towering friends, I'm still short. Haha~

Insya'Allah. Btw, my cousin is studying in MRSM Pengkalan Chepa. How far away is that?

kakchik said...

Hehehe... maybe people in Kl are taller kot.

And... that MRSM is just 10min from my house.

Sahara-Henna said...

salam alaykum wr wb. you r only 150 cm tall? then i am pretty sure tht my brown abaya would fit u. do u want to have it? for me its too small. just send me message inshallah.


Azzahra said...

Assalamua'laikum kak chik, ana ada baca yg kak chik pakai niqab tp bila dlm klas kakak buka... mksudny luar klas kakak pkai la...? gini ana jgk muslimah berniqab tp smnjak msuk satu ipta tmptan yg mna niqab dhrmkn ana tpaksa mbuka niqab selagi dlm kampus... ana nak tnya pendpt kakak blh ka ana lkukan spt yg kakak buat mksudny bniqab apbila luar klas..? Ana kini menuntut di UiTM Sabah

kakchik said...

wa'alaikummussalam sis sahara-henna. I'm really sorry for miss-replying to your comment above. anyway, i hope your abaya has found a new owner since it's almost a year now.

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam Azzahra.

Betul dik. Dulu masa kakchik di USM, undang2 kampus tidak benarkan pelajar memakai niqab terutamanya di dalam kelas. Jadi kakchik terpaksa membukanya bila masuk dewan kuliah.

Iya, kakchik pakai sepanjang masa di luar kelas. Actually kalau masih di dalam kawasan kampus, tetap tidak boleh cuma kakchik dan bbrp org kawan buat donno je.

Untuk menjawab boleh atau tidak utk Azzahra buat spt kakchik, kenalah tanya diri Azzahra sendiri berani atau tidak untuk menanggung risikonya. Jika yakin, teruskan. Jika rasa tindakan itu boleh memudaratkan dan mgkn tiada sokongan moral dr kawan2, kakchik nasihatkan Azzahra pakai bila berada di luar kampus saja. Menuntut ilmu itu wajib, niqab ini sunnah jadi lebih baik utamakan yang wajib.

Tapi, kakchik doakan Azzahra mampu memakai niqab di dlm kampus dengan penuh semangat berani kerana benar dan kerana yakin. Selamat berjaya dik!

Azzahra said...

Terima kasih kakchik atas komen dan doa untuk ana... Insya ALLAH ana akan berniqab semula di kampus. Mmbaca komen kakchik, kakchik ada teman yg sma2 berniqab tp ana rsanya seorg shj yg berniqab. Smoga atas izin ALLAH ana diberikn kekuatan untk berniqab d kampus...

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