Jan 14, 2009

Muslimah Magazines from Malaysia

Assalamualaikum & a very good evening to all my friends. I always wonder what you are doing while I'm writing this blog? It's 10.31 PM here in Kelantan and I think that maybe most of us are in front of our PCs or laptops surfing the Net, reading & searching for some infos or BLOGGING and some might be sleeping.

Alright, to cut it short, I'm just would like to share 4 Muslimah magazines that were published in Malaysia.
Here they are:
14012009 024 Clockwise:

All of them are for Muslimah ages 15 and above and that DARA focus more on teenagers and early adults.

I usually buy and read NUR and ANIS and sometimes MUSLIMAH too. As for DARA, I don't really like their presentation especially the fashion that it presented on the cover and inside the mag.
Let's see what's inside these magazines:
14012009 016 This is the fashion spread inside NUR, Dec '08 issue.
14012009 019 This one is inside DARA, Dec '08 issue. Hmm.. this time around the Muslimah fashion is okay.
14012009 022 And you can see that this is a fashion for more mature women and was featured in ANIS, Dec '08 issue.

Previously, I like some of the fashion that were featured in this mag, however lately, I've changed my mind due to the use of couple models (who's not a married couple) and the makeup style.

That's my opinion, no one need to agree.
14012009 026 And lastly MUSLIMAH. A few years ago, it's publishing permit was stopped by the G.....t but the company has recently regained the permit and start publishing again with a new format.

Here is the coverage on the Eidul Fitr celebration organized by the local Muslimah movement ( I mean in Kelantan - my homeland).
Well basically all the mags contain some standard chapters such as women issues, health, recipes, house management, interior design, Q & A on religious issues, counseling, marriage issues and of course Muslimah apparels. All the mags were published monthly and the prices are quite reasonable, below RM10.
p/s: I'm thinking of subscribing to AZIZAH but not I'm boycotting American dollar, so... KIV.


Hajar said...

Cool reviews~ Frankly, I've never bought any Muslimah magazines.

kakchik said...

Thanks Hajar and I forgot to mention that starting this Jan I'm not buying tem anymore because I can read them at Zahra' (the library where I work).
Need to save the budget.

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C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

I think none of them are available i English right? When I was in Malaysia I continued to get my subscription re-directed to Malaysia of the Azizah magazine. I really like this magazine. Have you seen Sisters Magazine from England? They are starting to sell it in other countries now but I don't know if they have them in Malaysia yet.

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