Jan 21, 2009

Niqab Styles from YouTube

I was still trying to figure out how am I going to demonstrate my niqab style to an acquaintance, Maryam Azizuddin. Actually I can ask my husband to hold the video/camera for me and I can easily demonstrate but then I will have to edit the video/pictures so that my face wouldn't be seen. Well, what's the point of wearing niqab when your face can be seen online right.

Thinking of that, I just browse around youtube and came across some videos about different niqab styles. Maybe some of you have already seen them but never mind, I guess some are still don't. So, I will just embed them here for everyone to view and hopefully my friend, Maryam would find some ideas before I manage to show my style. Sorry my dear, you have to wait a bit longer.

Let's see one of the videos shall we?

Credit for this video should go to thevintagegoth. I think she's a new revert and she looks beautiful to me.

How was it?

Do you like it?

I'm going to try it at home this evening. I have a shayla but never wear it, maybe I can figure out how to do it like her with less pins.


ezatulhaq said...



kakchik said...

knorena, she's creative.

Sasha said...

it's really nice!! was that a tattoo i saw on her hand?...

KakChik said...

Sha - Yes, that's her tattoo. She got that before she converted. She's still new to Islam and a student of massage therapy but she really wants to be a good Muslimah. She's a brave Muslimah to practise niqab in America. And she's young, 19 years old.

Megan said...

What a creative style! And, no need to buy an actual niquab. Can't wait to see how you do your niqab, Kakchik :)

Ahliahnizam said...

Make doa for me to ISTIQOMAH wearing niqob, Insya-Allah.

kakchik said...

Megan - yes, thevintagegoth is really creative in inventing new niqab styles. I hope you've already read my post about my niqab style. It's at the sidebar under HOW TO.

kakchik said...

Ahliahnizam, insyaallah you'll always istiqomah in wearing niqab whatever obstacles come your way. May Allah bless your wish.

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