Jan 26, 2009

No One Like These Sets

Assalamualaikum everyone.

A few days ago I was playing with my ideas at Polyvore and took some time to review all my sets. You know what? I found that some of my sets are really dull and I was thinking that I'm really an amateur. Of course, it's the truth that I have to admit.

Fashion is too subjective but as a Muslimah I would like to create or assemble the clothes to be in line with the Islamic teaching. And my ideas have helped me created all those sets. Some, I think beautiful and wearable but some are quite unattractive. I didn't mean that dressing like that to attract people's attention but, I like beautiful things and Allah is Jamilun.

Well, it's a bit frustrating when you see that you yourself are not satisfied with what you've created. Anyway, after 2 months of subscribing and creating more than 80 sets, I can see that some of my creations couldn't attract anyone's attention. Hmm...

I have 12 sets here, anyone would like to give some comments?

NO. 1
Lavender - by hanniaziz on Polyvore.com

NO. 2
Lavender Green
Lavender Green - by hanniaziz on Polyvore.com

NO. 3
Cool Blue
Cool Blue - by hanniaziz on Polyvore.com

NO. 4
Cool Green
Cool Green - by hanniaziz on Polyvore.com

NO. 5
Purplish - by hanniaziz on Polyvore.com

NO. 6
Glitter Grey
Glitter Grey - by hanniaziz on Polyvore.com

NO. 7
Slow Pink
Slow Pink - by hanniaziz on Polyvore.com

NO. 8
Simple Blue
Simple Blue - by hanniaziz on Polyvore.com

NO. 9
Simply Purple
Simply Purple - by hanniaziz on Polyvore.com

NO. 10
Work Wear
Work Wear - by hanniaziz on Polyvore.com

NO. 11
Afternoon Wears
Afternoon Wears - by hanniaziz on Polyvore.com

NO. 12
Hajj Season
Hajj Season - by hanniaziz on Polyvore.com


Cea said...

Salam sis,

I think you are being too hard on yourself.

Fashion is supposed to be fun, and people have different styles.

There is always a look for everyone!

Keep up the good work...

Nor said...

I like no 4...others tu,tak seswai bcos so kembang2,I am already 'kembang' myself, so....hehe,geddit?

Millz said...

I love 6, 7, 8, and 10! Your sets are great!

:: awanbiru :: said...


the last one can be an adorable set 4 me..wink~

whilst the rest..are also nice!

keep the good work;p

passion wif fashion!;p

Pixie said...

I love all the jilbab ones!!!

ModestJustice said...

Asalamu Alaikum
What are you talking about Sister?
You have a gift! I love all of these sets! They're amazing masha'allah
If I had to choose my number one fav would be set no 2 Grr if only I had that outfit in real life!

Megan said...

Number six and number twelve are my favourites, but I like items from all of your sets! You're too hard on yourself :)

KakChik said...

Cea - Wa'alikumsalam. Thanks for the kind words. Really appreciate that.

Kak An - you are not that 'kembang' la, hehehe

Milz - thanks sis, I thought no one like it.

awanbiru - if I could give it to you, I'll be happy to but they're just my imagination.

Pixie - thanks

ModestJustice - Wa'alaikumsalam. Hehehe, that was really motivating and inspiring words. Thanks sis. Maybe you are right, I'm being too hard on myself.

Megan - I know, sometimes I tend to be like that. Thanks sis.

Sasha said...

they are all gorgeous.... I like them all... I would wear no.4 & 11 for everyday wear... love the simplicity yet look elegance(nice shoes no.4)...

as for casual look, I would go for no.5 & no.8... and again nice shoes(no.8)

and for the glamorous look... set no. 6 & no. 12... will surely be a head turner...

and the elegance look for me would be the set no.7 & no. 10...

the least fav for me... but still gorgeous... are the set no.3: the colour combination doesnt work for me... and no.9: too many accesories...


P/S: i think you can be a fashion counsellor... I really2 mean what i just said... i still struggling on my Polyvore design... huh... it's not that easy as I thought..

Hajar said...

Assalamualaikum sis. You've been tagged!


ishare whomyrare said...

Slm kak chik.
I'm as a teenager and love to play with colours i love all the sets. hee :D

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