Jan 30, 2009

Nothing Much

Assalamualaikum everyone. I'm really sorry for not being here and lack of updates. I've been busy with my main blog, KeluargakuSayang and also tending my shop and the Library. It's a bit hectic with so many chores and works at both premises. And also, the lack of ideas.

Anyway, this time I'm going to share a few pics of my friend who has an Islamic Clothing boutique in Kota Bharu. I called her Kak Mah or Sister Mah. That's her in the pictures tending to her stall during a Jumaat lecture in the town center, Kota Bharu. She's a niqabi too.

Her shop sells Muslimah clothing and you can see from the pics some of the items that she sells. I've bought a few hijabs and jilbabs from her. Maybe I'll share a pic or two of the jilbabs later.

That's all for tonight and I've been tag again by Hajar.
Hajar, insya-Allah I'll try doing that tag as soon as I can.
Bye now. Sweet dream everyone. It's almost 10.40 pm.



assalamualaikum..kakchik saya agak baru di blogspot.com but terpandang sis punya blog and found out tht sis suka abaya rupenya view www.abayish.blogspot.com kalau nak review abaya yg saya jual all de way from dubai,uae


KakChik said...

The Abayish,

Wa'alaikumsalam. Terima kasih ya kerana meninggalkan info pasal abaya ni. Insya-Allah KakChik akan pegi tengok. KakChik memang suka abaya.

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