Jan 31, 2009

Niqabi with a hat.

I was looking for niqabis pictures and found this beautiful picture of a sister. From her blog, I think she's Canadian or Pakistani. What I want to really say is that, I really like her pic.

I don't think she's still active in blogging because her last entry was in July 2007.
If you wish to visit her blog, this is the address.


p/s: Sister Mahwash, I'm sorry. InsyaAllah the pic is already removed.


Hajar said...

Aww~ she looks so pretty. ^^ This is such a lovely shot! I took some time to dive into her blog. Thanks for sharing this.

Lazeena Umm Yusuf said...

Thats cute mashaAllah

KakChik said...

Hajar, yes, I think so too.

Lazeena, really cute.

Mahwash said...

Please remove my picture from your blog. I would really appreciate it.

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