Jan 16, 2009

Sets for Niqabis

As a NIQABI, which one would you like? I've created a few sets for niqabis. All of it was my imitation of what I have in my wardrobe. I do have certain items in these sets but most of them comes from so many places but were available at Polyvore. I mean available for you to use in your creation.

Previously, you can also buy these items from all the online shopping malls, boutiques or even home-based businesses that sell them. It's not difficult at all because these businesses has already been linked to the items in Polyvore. You just learn from trials and error in finding them, just like me.

Well, would mind giving me some comments regarding all this sets? I'll be looking forward to hear from you.

Start from here ...

No idea
No idea by hanniaziz

Purple Wednesday
Purple Wednesday by hanniaziz

Going Out for Dinner
Going Out for Dinner by hanniaziz

Going to Work
Going to Work by hanniaziz

Office Wear
Office Wear by hanniaziz

Today's Assemble
Today's Assemble by hanniaziz

My Style
My Style by hanniaziz

Simply Modest
Simply Modest by hanniaziz

Wedding Function
Wedding Function by hanniaziz


malizea said...

well very difficult to choose they all of them look good well maybe the third one!! :)

kakchik said...

malizea - mmm... personally, I love that one more too

Sasha said...

rambang mata tgk gmbr2 tu... suka semuanya... sha dah try nak main2 kat polyvore tp mcm lmbt nak loading...

Nor said...

I'm most attracted to the Going To Work assemble....simply gorgeous!!
Good job, as usual!!

kakchik said...

Sha - pakai eyemo ya, hehehe. polyvore tu kdg2 laju terutama subuh2 lepas tu ikut mood dia sb dah ramai pengguna dah

abaya chic said...

wow i love them, the first 3 are my favourite!

kakchik said...

Kak An - thanks for your opinion, I think I have an abaya in that colour.

kakchik said...

abaya chic - thank you, thank you. so the blue one is already 2 votes

Anonymous said...

im not a niqabi but i like set 2,4and 7 :)

kakchik said...

You must be a purple person right?

Anonymous said...

ya saya mengaku hehehe..

kakchik said...

Got you!

nina said...

i love the four first ones! i´m huge fan of purple! the second one i would wear to eid fest with maybe less jewellery :) love the abaya! first and fourth wwould be nice for school and everyday-wear :) can´t wait for ramadan <3
i´m a bit late commentor in this :/

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